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    FS Monarch 10ee modular

    Price reduced to $8000.
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    For Sale 1962 Monarch 10ee $20,000

    my 1962 quill is 1.250" OD.
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    FS Monarch 10ee modular

    I already had a Kent 13x40 which is good enough, I need to thin out the herd a bit.
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    FS Monarch 10ee modular

    Monarch 10ee Lathe, 12.5" swing 20" between centers. $9000 or best offer. Modular drive, 1962 manufacture, includes Scissio Controls solid state replacements for C16J tubes (sold by Monarch). Machine is super precision model delivered to Bendix Corp in 1962. Original GE 5HP DC motor and back...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 question

    If you look at your picture of the contactor,, the heaters are N20, which looks like about 3.45a max current. So check the fully loaded amps of your motor when wired at your actual voltage? looks like 2hp bridgeport motor at 230v would be 5-5.5amps, so it seems you need to change the heaters...
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    10EE Compound Screw Nut Retainer Missing

    Round dial compound nut retaining screw looks the same…
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    WTB Monarch 10EE Follow rest adapted for DRO

    Did monarch quote you a reasonable figure for the DRO scale compatible one? Would be tempting to say cut the leg off and add an extension on a non-DRO compatible one... there's a lot of meat there.
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    ISO Monarch 10EE Spindle Pulley Tensioner, Left Side

    I made one recently, discussion and dimensions discussed here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/10ee-modular-rear-belt-tensioner-drawing.407584/. Monarch's quote for $808 for the assembly motivated me to make it... Easy to make, runs nicely. Most dimensions aren't very critical.
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    Oak piece in K&T overarm support

    I've seen 2H and 205sa overarms, I believe in the former that wedge might have been some sort of wood, and on the more modern 205sa I believe it might been something like phenolic. It doesn't seem to be springy (i.e. rubber-ish). I didn't take pictures of them, but the shape was basically a...
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    Mods to BP drum switch for VFD (adding speed pot to existing?)

    22mm 3 way switch replacing the drum switch and a 22mm pot controlling VFD speed…
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    10ee kinamatic 5hp brush and spring source?

    To close out this thread-- adjusted the FA relay spring, tightened it incrementally then checking stable top speed. The machine now gets to 4000rpm.
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    Moore Jig Bore 1-1/2B with tooling

    Curious what happened with the prior sale of this, indeed I checked the serial numbers and it sold in for $211 back in 2022... https://municibid.com/Listing/Details/43657635 Wondering if the prior bidder didn't pick it up or something?
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    it seems like if you have to remake the splined cap anyway, you’d be able to put the whole assembly together including the bottom screw and then drop it in…
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    A few thoughts: - the splined shaft is only supposed to turn one way (don't recall which), would its rotation tend to tighten the screw? - I assume the screw head OD of 112-823 is large enough to make contact with the ID of the bevel gear, i.e. the purpose of the screw is to retain the...
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    10ee kinamatic 5hp brush and spring source?

    Did some testing today, and in particular measured the DC field voltage at various speeds. The field weakening is functioning somewhat… at base speed or lower the field is ~120vdc, and at the max achievable speed it reduces to about ~51v, but at that point the FA relay is opening and closing...
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    nice. I'll see if I have any notes about what the bearings were on the VN22L, I don't *think* the horizontal shaft had angular contacts.
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    10ee kinamatic 5hp brush and spring source?

    Thanks it does run pretty nicely now! Much quieter than before. Only problem left is field weakening doesn’t seem to work, max speed is ~1500rpm. I’ll have to figure out why that is! Machine originally shipped as 4000rpm as per the purchase sheet.
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    Looking at your latest picture here, it may be useful to dig out the lead around the bearing housing you’re trying to remove. I can’t tell if the channel the way around is clear on yours yet? On mine the rim was probably 1/4” tall?
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    Not sure if you’ve looked yet at other manuals, the model 38 has what looks like a similar set of parts to yours but drawings show a bit of a different perspective… In fact those part numbers even have a 26- prefix in some cases so might just be the same as yours...
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    New to me Van Norman 26

    Those bearings are also likely open, perhaps just remove the lower cap and flush them, see how they run. The splined shaft isn’t turning very fast and is captive within the knee, so even if there is some wear and play in the bearings as long as the helical bevel gears mesh well you’re probably ok…