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    Wade 8a motor drive clutch adjustment?

    Noone knows about this clutch? It doesn't have any makers name, maybe the motor manufacturer made it, Peerless? I'll see if I can break it this weekend!
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    Wade 8a motor drive clutch adjustment?

    After nearly 2 decades I finally got my Wade lathe powered up. I have the version with a lever at the top of the headstock that shifts the belt on the pulleys. Interesting system and so far it isn't 100% reliable. But the real question I have is how to adjust the clutch. I haven't seen one like...
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    VFD's "burn up" a motor?

    Dave, I kinda figured that. I was installing a drive belt to the spindle this weekend and spent a lot of time looking at the motor. It's freakin gigantic, a Peerless. The motor is 2 speed reversing. In low speed it is nearly dead silent. Once I get the stock drive sorted I can later look at a...
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    Wade 8a Lathe- Should I Buy?

    OK, just buy it! Join the small exclusive Wade 8a club!
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    Wade 8a Lathe- Should I Buy?

    As a 8s owner here is my opinion...save it for someone that really wants a Wade. If you have no particular desire to have one maybe another machine will serve you just as well. The Wade is a rare machine and as such I think it needs an owner who will go out of their way to keep it going for the...
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    VFD's "burn up" a motor?

    Thanks for the replies...if I do it I guess I sort of roll the dice. The original motor is not so precious I guess. I'm the second owner(I'm pretty sure, not positive) and the first was MIT so I'd kinda like to keep it original as possible. Of course now that I said that someone will ask why...
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    VFD's "burn up" a motor?

    I have a Wade 8a lathe with it's original early 1950's 220 3 phase 1.5 HP motor. As you might imagine it is a big motor. I run my shop with a large RPC and will wire the Wade up to it soon. I'd love to have variable speed on the lathe so I was looking around for a way to have the machine running...
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    FS: Hendey 9x18 Tool & Gage Makers Lathe

    What is the something better?
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    2H Collets

    I also have some 2H that I have been trying for YEARS to get rid of
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    OT Recommendations for Best Garden Tractors

    Smaller than others mentioned here but I like my Honda RT5000. They also made a 5013 and a bigger 5018. All wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, parts seem fairly plentiful on the used market and with PTO front and rear its pretty flexible. Way over engineered and heavily built compared to similar...
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    New toy, Fray 10-RHP milling machine

    Oddly I have looked for one of these for...literally 40 years. And now after I have decided I'm done buying machinery one pops up near me! Good luck whoever gets it!
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    New toy, Fray 10-RHP milling machine

    There is a whole machine for sale on fb marketplace, $800. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/fray-all-angle-milling-machine/5199790906711362?ref=messenger_share&rt=54
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    Old planer on FB in Arkansas

    Looks like RR wheel press. Lots of good stuff there for the right person or group.
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    Early Watertown NY Lathe

    Great addition to R&T. Do the center punch marks surrounding the stamped letters say something? Maybe take a paper and do a rubbing? Looks like it might be letters/numbers.
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    Harrison AA VS330 for parts.

    Does it happen to have the cross slide with T slots? A rare option...
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    Monarch 10ee from CU Boulder for auction on gov deals

    This is one of the oldest arguments on this site. Turns out nearly everyone can use the internet and even those with a passing interest have seen it. Bidding and following through with purchase and transportation are different things. The latter is a much smaller group. My experience with Gov...
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    Newly acquired Rivett 608

    I would find a new home for that belt guard...the trash! Beautiful wood drawer stand! Good luck with it, I've owned 4 of them over the years...
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    Watts Campbell important News

    Yeah... I wonder if saved or scrap?
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    Watts Campbell important News

    Yet they did indeed save a lot of them fairly recently(since covid) I spoke to someone this past Saturday and asked again. He would not say where they are however.