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    Thoughts on dry machining

    Another thought is that most way cover wipers (at least on older machines) need coolant for lubrication. I ran some dry for a while and the way covers got pretty loud and the chips would melt into them. Could probably run wash down while it’s machining to avoid this issue.
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    Small corner round overs, big problems... Any way to do this out of the machine?

    I just use a Dewalt trim router and pretty much do this on all our aluminum plate jobs, turns out great.
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    Question about proper jaw boring for parts.

    I don’t see how what’s written there conflicts with what I wrote. Take a look at a parts diagram, or take a chuck apart and you will see a wedge type mechanism. The mechanical advantage is the same at any portion of the stroke.
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    Question about proper jaw boring for parts.

    The normal kitagawa type chucks use a wedge mechanism to move the jaws so the clamp force doesn’t change with regard to what part of the stroke you are using. Just make sure the chuck isn’t bottomed out and you are good! I generally cut them to minimize clamping time while still having enough...
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    Pneumatic actuated drop-away work location?

    I would make sure that there is no way for the operator to leave the stop up…. Or it will happen. Maybe a flip up stop that is spring loaded down, so that the operator must hold it up during loading…
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    Ball park price to replace ball screw and thrust bearings on 32" X axis travel VMC ?

    Just had this quoted on a kitamura- about $4K for the screw, $1400 in bearings (6 total), about $2k estimated labor. You could also send the screw to be refurbished for about $2500. Cnc specialty has most of the bearings a bit cheaper than oem.
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    Machining long parts that are much longer than your X travel - sugggestions?

    I have some shop made spacers with a hook on one end. I pull it against the end of the part, then touch off the stick and I know I’m exactly 12” from the end.
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    2000 Mori CL series?

    I have 2 cl-20’s but with fanuc control. They are workhorses and pack a decent punch for their size. I have run a 1.75 drill through 4140 ph without issue. The turret is a Geneva type and slow. I will say the machines have been extremely reliable despite a tough life.
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    Slotting 3.0 tube. New fixturing or reprogram?

    Try a hss corncob roughing endmill. They work well for really crappy setups
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    What tool to drill AND bore 5/8 hole??

    I recommend this tool, It’s awesome in aluminum and would be great in delrin:
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Ill tap something other than air to check it
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Haha!!! I think it’s working. It wanted an s command on the g84.2 line.
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Vancbiker, my bad... duh.... here’s some more screenshots during the cycle....
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    No, they were just taken with the machine doing nothing. I’ll try to get a look during the tap cycle.
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    F31 is set to 1. Here are some pictures of the ladder both symbol and adress display
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Vancbiker, Here is the page. I’ll look into the spindle drive parameter tomorrow. Thank you for the help!
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Vancbiker, here is a picture from the electrical book, does this look like the right spot?
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    A way to force a 1 degree B axis HMC into fractional increments?

    I have a mori sh50 which I think is about the same. I have been through the 1 degree 4th axis, and the drive is basically a truck ring and pinion, definitely not accurate enough on its own. The accuracy comes from the curved coupling pulling it into position.
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Douglas, everything I see in the manual and research says rigid tapping is g84.2 without an m code, but I have tried as you suggested as well without success. Im starting to feel pretty confident this is a machine issue, not a problem with my code...
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    Rigid tapping on 15M Enshu

    Also, no change to the real x0020 bit 5