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    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    As a rule 1amp per .001of metal thickness and I would clamp plates on and do 1” strings
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    My dad worked at Kaiser plant in Fontana ca in fabrication. we went there in the 70’s and the fields next to the 10 freeway were 100’s of feet hi I actually have a jar from when they closed. the auto club raceway is built on top of it
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    OT-Any USA made 1" ratchet straps??

    I design and build a piece of equipment and have been approached 2-3 times a year about have another country take my plans and build it for me. More profitable and less stress. I will stop before I sell out to that theology
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    Looking to upgrade my Autocad, need advice.

    I’ve been Autocad lt since 02 Haha stepped up to inventor in I think 05. Last perpetual I owned was 12 inventor pro. Actually still using it. Did the subscription in 2019 and didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without. That and the ability to pay for a car with the subscription cost. Glad I...
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    welding shipping containers

    Don’t want to steal the thread. Can anyone shed light on Corten? How would it hold up buried? How do you identify it in a container? boyd if needed I can start a new thread
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    Preparation to set semi trailer on ground?

    In Cali if you set on ground it’s considered a building and then taxed if on wheels it’s a trailer. Idk about Oregon
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    OT: Aerodark's final request

    Melissa I am sorry for your loss. I wish I had got to meet him. guys like that are rare. I would say to you keep all the writings that you have written here and there responses. Believe me they will make you smile when you need it. We all handle loss the more love the harder the loss but also...
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    Resurrecting my 1941 Indian Four

    Yup.50 kinda like quigly on steroids mile away and at the stop sign thinking he got away
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    Resurrecting my 1941 Indian Four

    Hahah you could have passed that on 50 yrs ago can’t imagine how far I would have had to push it so he wouldn’t hear it
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    Resurrecting my 1941 Indian Four

    His wife was my neighbor as a kid they are a great couple. Wish I could afford to build one. As a side note first bike I ever got close to was an Indian 4 outside of a bar in 67-68 walking to work
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    Resurrecting my 1941 Indian Four

    Big fan of Indians If you want need help see Kiwi mike in riverside California Kiwi Indian Motorcycles
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    3 ball valves on a single stem

    No I did not my bad thank you omit my last post haha
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    3 ball valves on a single stem

    Easiest way is to use these Belimo B212B+TR24-SR-T US Motorized ball valves in any voltage
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    Biden unveils new plan to rebuild American Manufacturing ~ Is this possible ?

    A while back we we’re working in Winston Salem home of thomasville furniture they closed the doors to all fabrication sold off everything and move to Indonesia. Why 2 reasons taxes and profit. Sad part was nightly new reflected higher crime rate with well over a 1000 jobs lost. What I see is a...
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    Using machinist square as a hammer?

    So? Does that mean we can use a micrometer as a c clamp?
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    I got fired, the slacker got me

    Congrats win/win
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    Wire Ferrules- When to use or not use?

    Nice YouTube on our discussion
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    Wire Ferrules- When to use or not use?

    This is the paragraph from the 508a requirements/I referred to-
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    Wire Ferrules- When to use or not use?

    What machine did you get for cutting and stripping? The ferrules that I use (Wago) has a ferrule that is designed for 2 wires great for my strain gauges where we have a jumper wire.