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  1. J

    Are these diamond wheels any good for shaping and sharpening a scraping insert ?

    I use those for sharpening, 1200 grit, full speed, no backing plate, cooled with kerosene. Works great.
  2. J

    Rivett 608 PV Parting Out, Dixon CA

    How shot is the bed? Rebuildable? I might be interested in another scraping project. Is it all there?
  3. J

    To scrape or not to scrape an antique lathe?

    So you're concerned that putting $20k worth of labor into a $500 lathe is going to decrease it's value? Just my opinion, scraping will increase the value if it's done well, and in the same way it was originally done at the factory. Moglice/turcite is not appropriate on an antique museum piece.
  4. J

    For sale Clausing floor model drill press

    I moved a similar sized Powermatic in a truck bed. It was surprisingly easy. If you get the table just above the height of the tailgate and lock it, you can use it as a fulcrum and tip it right in. Just remove the handles and anything else that might get damaged first.
  5. J

    Hendey Tool & Gage Restoration

    Thanks. Can't really see it in the last pic but I opened them up already, with an angle grinder.
  6. J

    Hendey Tool & Gage Restoration

    Another update, I finally addressed the missing door panels on the cabinet. Earlier this year I made patterns and sent them out to Cattail. It took a few months and I just received the castings, very pleased with how they turned out. If any other T&G owners need these doors let me know, I'll...
  7. J

    Hendey Tool & Gage Restoration

    I've been making decent progress on the lathe lately but I tired of posting pics for every little update. But this one was kind of significant and some of you have asked about it. I had decided early on not to build up the carriage with turcite/moglice. I had first planned on re-pinning the...
  8. J

    Crossfeed Screw Stops and Goes - Help Please

    Maybe you broke a few teeth off of a gear. If you run in the slowest speed, can you turn off the power while the screw is stopped? If you can, without starting the machine again, disengage the clutch on the apron and try to turn the screw by hand. Does it turn freely? Keep turning it while...
  9. J

    WTB: Small lapping plate

    I'm looking for a small lapping plate, around 6" to 8". Ideally cast iron with criss-cross grooves for catching swarf. I can tune it up, a little rusty is not a big deal. I was going to make my own out of a durabar disc but I thought I'd check if anyone is looking to sell one first.
  10. J

    Morse taper stuff - reamers, adapters, live center and a MT4>3 extension

    Reamers are all sold too? I'm interested in the MT4 on the right and the MT5 hand reamers.
  11. J

    Gear head drill press Swiss made bench top model

    I am nearby and vaguely interested, waiting for pics.
  12. J

    DC power supply suggestions

    I really like my HP E3620A. 0-25V, 0-1A. A bit small but good for electronics. Can’t go wrong with good old HP, they made bigger units too.
  13. J

    Ebay is a ripoff

    Ebay fees are high, but prices are easily 15% higher than you can get elsewhere. You're better off bending over and paying the exorbitant fees than selling on Craigslist or FBM. You can create your own website but you'll never see even 1/10 the volume as you'll get on ebay. Don't get me...
  14. J

    FS: 36” and 48” Brown & Sharpe Camelback Straight Edges

    I’d take the 36 if I were still in NY. Let me know if you change your mind about shipping it.
  15. J

    Craigslist funny time!

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/tls/d/sunnyvale-grizzly-g0704-milling-machine/7623795856.html $925 "Grizzly GO704 Milling/Drilling Machine with stand and 3 Axis Digital Readout. I purchased this new and used it very little, however it is in need of repair, it seems the gears are slipping so it...
  16. J

    Surface plate and straight edge auction find.

    I spotted a 24x36” iron plate on my 24x36x6” granite plate. When I tried to lift it, the suction was enough to lift the granite plate off its base. That’s about 500 lbs. With my 12x18 I found you can pull upward lightly, it will stick but just keep pulling lightly, if will break free in a few...
  17. J

    Request for information about antique wood and metal lathe

    Four V-ways... should narrow it down a bit.
  18. J


    Spirit / Toolmark slitting saw arbors. The main one takes a 1" saw and the others (all of yours) are adapters for smaller saws. They are nice. In my photo on the right, is my set with one assembled loosely. On the left is a spare that I will sell if you want to complete your set. It's a bit...