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    Definite purpose contactor for RPC use?

    I searched this forum and saw several mentions of definite purpose contactors but most references were for replacement queries as opposed to design considerations. Is there anything one should look for in a DP contactor for RPC use? I'm pretty new to a lot of this and I'm in the beginning...
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    Reverse wiring this specific transformer

    Transformer and VFD combo would total $400 with shipping in my case. That's considerably less than the same parts typically sell for on eBay.
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    Reverse wiring this specific transformer

    This an eBay auction for the same VFD I'm looking at. Lathe motor is 7.5hp 3p 230/460V. Guy with the VFD said it would work but the lathe likely will not make the full 7.5hp if I were to try and push it that hard. This is for a home shop, I don't plan on doing anything that heavy. eBay auction...
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    Reverse wiring this specific transformer

    I'm considering purchasing this model of transformer to power a specific 1p to 3p VFD that is rated for 480V 1p input. I have 240v 1p availabe in the shop. I'm not an expert in these matters but I've learned enough to know there may not be a clear answer as to the suitability of using what is...
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    Have 3ph, need speed control. Does this effect VFD choice?

    Thanks for the input so far, I've taken a quick look at most of the info link provided, I'll digest it a little more thoroughly this evening. The Phase Perfect looks nice but $$ and still doesn't provide speed control for the lathe. Here's a more simplified breakdown of my needs, probably...
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    Have 3ph, need speed control. Does this effect VFD choice?

    ...my situation is a little more complicated than the title. I don't have that much experience in this area so please correct me if I've missed anything pertinent. I want to set up a home shop using some existing 3ph equipment. The largest determining factor on what power equipment I buy is...
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    Difference between Chick Qwik-Lok and Bi-Lok vises?

    I hope this is an easy question for someone. OK, I give up. I believe what I have in a Bi-Lok (BL) vise. I'm basing this assumption on pictures rather than objective knowlwdge though. Practically every Google mention of a BL vise also includes mention of the QL at the same time. It seems the BL...
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    Need help ID'ing this two position vise (Chick?)

    Much appreciated all. I thought Chicks did have S/N's on the end of the base. I pulled the end plates off and didn't see anything though. I'm going to go through these and I have a more thorough look. ...and it appears Chick's website is back up. Thanks again.
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    Need help ID'ing this two position vise (Chick?)

    Dang, over 250 views and not a single guess? I don't mid doing some legwork to try an figure this out but I'm not sure where else to look. I honestly thought this would be a pretty easy question. Can anyone tell me what else I should try or who I might contact? Thanks
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    Need help ID'ing this two position vise (Chick?)

    Hi all, I bought four of these from a guy that's retiring. I've always generically referred to them as Chick vises. I don't need all of them and want to sell two or three but I'm trying to figure out what exactly they are, oddly the chickworkholding.com site is down. I Googled and saw several...
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    Crazy machine shop rules and owners, lets hear about it.

    Ha, guessing he had a prior military back ground .You won't see a service member with their hands in their pockets in most circumstances. It's crazy how those rules will stick with you. In Wichita KS a lot of aircraft workers referred to "Boeing gloves" if someone had their hands in their...
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    Where to get this basic CNC control panel? (pic)

    My application would be for a Bridgeport NC machine (Bridgeport Boss, I think) that has successfully been converted to CNC w/ a Mach3 controller and PMDX breakout board. I believe that gives you all the info relevant to your question, let me know if it doesn't. I will do that. Thanks to both...
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    Where to get this basic CNC control panel? (pic)

    I searched around some and didn't find anything. Can anyone tell me where to look for one of these? Thanks
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    repairing servo power feeds

    Testing Electronic Components This one?
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    Did they make a 2hp motor for the J head?

    Hi, just thinking out loud regarding a swap I'm currently involved in? Looks like the step pulleys and motor from a J head are going to get transferred over to a 2J2 CNC. The CNC 2J2 now has the RPM controlled with a VFD so no loss there and the manual mill will benefit from the 2J head. Because...
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    Someone made a Bridgeport score!

    Probably another domestic aircraft company headed to Mexico via the "giant sucking noise" Ross Perot predicted 20+ years ago. Just kidding... mostly.
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    CNC 2J2 with upside down motor. Can I turn it right side up?

    Hey all, first post for me but I've used this board to answer questions I've had several times over the years. Been machining since before I graduated high school, which is over half my life now. I recently purchased a 2J2 CNC BP, it originally had a paper tape reader and antiquated controller...