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    10x22 EE manufacturing lathe sold at auction

    good detective work snee!!
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    Diamond in the Rough

    well of course!-pretty anticlimactic after the mill!--nice work...
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    Chasing Thousands

    it eats brg's--didn't you read?
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    Chasing Thousands

    and DARNED enjoyable!-nice work there farmer!!
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    DECKEL Dialog 11

    congrats !!
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    victoria milling machine gearbox breakage

    show a pic of what you come up with!
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    My shop

    thank you--wanted him to see the geographical coincidence!!--i'm only 3 hours south...
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    Monarch Series 61, Rebuilding for Improvement

    really enjoying your ingenuity ALMOST as much as your stick-to -itve-ness
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    Chicago d&k 200 ton press break

    pressure gauge(s ) are your diagnostic friends
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    My shop

    the posts are titled 'valuate machines for shop sale' or words to that effect--present time posts here
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    My shop

    are you acquainted w/ the people wanting to sell out their business for 4 million in paradise?
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    Ultradex rotary table For sale

    did he really die recently?-like everyone-i bought stuff from him!
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    My shop

    ok-now show the normal "exploded"view of that ass'y-nice work!
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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    wow!-i stand corrected-but it sure looks identical to my 35!!
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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    if THAT one is 100 ton...well so am i!
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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    better trade that avatar gmc logo for 'cat'
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    Miller Tig welder attachment

    -look around a bit- i got this about 5 yrs ago for a few hundred-complete w/ chiller and pedal,no bottle..-its way better than i ever will be!
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    My little (home) shop

    i thought the same yesterday when i first saw this!-wow,no matter what!
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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    big finals take the 100 ton press--the 35t power twin i used just for the steering clutches inside