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    Second Deckel FP4MK I ever had also comes from the UK

    It's an MK serial number. Those 2 plugs arranged vertically at the far end on the sheet metal behind the console and basically in line with the ball end of the Y axis feed lever. The lower one should be the machine light.
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    Second Deckel FP4MK I ever had also comes from the UK

    What's above the light power supply, thought that was reserved for the microscope? It's cut off in the pic, also be interested to see what was used at position K20 in the electrical cabinet. The unit here was not as was supposed to be supplied - at least according to the electrical...
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    I bought another one Deckel FP4MK

    Hehe, cheeky buggers! I think the cans can also include the contents for that late one ^^, must be mid 90s vintage? A mate's friend did say he'd offer me $Au5k for the machine "to help me out". :nutter:
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    I bought another one Deckel FP4MK

    Does the rotary have the plinth? Have the one here for sale too. Everybody local seems to be tighter than a fish's a-hole though and they'll do you a favour paying with empty drink cans. Supposedly outbound containers are cheap at the moment!
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    OT- The story of Otto and Wilhelm Maisch and Maico motorcycles

    Seconds of the vid were enough! One of the well known riders from here, who won in enduros in Europe and the US worked in the factory. Apparently employees lived up to the German dour reputation, but beer was provided at lunch time as compensation at least. Last MXer I had was a 1980 maico...
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    Welding connecting rods

    ^^^Any off-the-shelf rods are made of alloys, which would have fail at the weld written all over them, even at just 33 force reversals per second. The old crap, would be superior for that purpose. Not sure what's in a T, but judging by others of that era, deep skirted steel pistons that must...
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    Welding connecting rods

    Helped a friend last week in the process of selling his place due to ill health. Wincing as his daughter saw his lifetime's accumulation of tooling and stuff as nothing more than fit for scrap and still not quite accepting he wouldn't be able to finish a few last projects - had me retrieve...
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    OT: 500 megawatt compressed air power storage

    Over here, the concept is designed to store solar and wind - and hopefully not tainted by commercial or political pressure going by the body involved. Would appear by this study they've conducted, they've already achieved better than that 60% figure and aiming for better...
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    Precision Boring Head

    By the early 90s, aktiv machines still needed the raising unit. Interesting, would have thought they'd be all the same, but the part # is 2021 000200 for the FP1....finally modified the gears?? I think the handle was Bentley or something, seemed to have a few sparring matches here as I...
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    Vogel lubrication unit Controller gone bad

    Dunno if this helps in any way, seems to show a variety of timer functions, with 2 lights being abnormal if reading that right.
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    Deckel FP3–should I buy from Germany?

    That applies to the M machines, the MK has the feed motor totally enclosed. Here's the proper accessories for the 4M, some shared with the MA which may assist. Not that I've ever chased much, about the only pukka MK thing I've ever seen for sale has been a universal head and the outboard arbor...
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    Deckel FP3–should I buy from Germany?

    FP4s - or at least the one and only I've seen here, have horizontal quills - FP4M based machines, no. Seems like you'd get your daily exercise running around the table on one of those too! Always use the rapid button intermittently in that circumstance here, never the feed control. I'd have to...
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    Deckel FP3–should I buy from Germany?

    The fear of the activ part seems unfounded....not that it's particularly useful I find. If the worst did happen https://shop.wms-viehl.de/index.php?page=gruppe&path=/00000163&idx=1 Looks like there's 3NC rather than manual options there too - which would be the normal recommendation of this...
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    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    It was announced somewhere around mid year. Dunno about a "super" low price happening, it's not that far off what the Japanese and Korean conglomerates have been doing for decades with the major players here. There's a couple of billionaires locally putting their cash on the line for...
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    OT: Largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, Aquadom in Berlin Radisson hotel collapses

    I'd imagine the tank is for saltwater fish, otherwise it would be pretty boring. The drinking water and swimming pool concentrations are probably not too relevant in that case. One of the places selling tropical fish here had an extravagant 2 storey tank in the 70s bonded with...
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    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    More stakes through the heart than Bela Lugosi, but like "people say".......keeps on coming up on repeat!
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    Video - Machining of forged connecting rods for Koenigsegg.

    Not sure how it is elsewhere, Auto Verdi is relatively well known down here for their lovely oil pumps at least - wouldn't have expected there's this need to piggy back onto the Koenigsegg.....but suppose it gets the clicks up to earn the fractions of a cent. I wouldn't be too surprised...
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    I finaly got one Deckel FP4MK

    Is the speed selector dial actually red - or an artefact of lighting? Would have thought the light is off an earlier machine too. Certainly doesn't look like it saw much use, judging by the swarf tray!
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    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    ......no doubt the Chinese can accomplish amazing feats. Them building more than a third of their current number of thermal plants in the space of 12 months, I'd say, that's far-fetched! It does get Horatian tedious. I believe the EU would be aging and predominantly populated by Gen X now - if...
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    They did very much encourage you to use your health fund. Paid enough tax in this lifetime, so made a point of not disclosing insurance status. Between presentation and surgery, a couple of days, the follow up one was 3 weeks....but a fair way from an elective case initially. Touch wood didn't...