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    Amada HFA-250 rear vise not clamping

    Sorry. Been using the saw in manual mode. We did replace the encoder and the problem is still there. Only other part is the bi-directional hydraulic solinoid valve, and they want around $4000 for that. Cant find anyone to repair the unit.
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    Preferences for Haimer or Tschorn?

    We use both Haimer and Tschorn on a daily basis on the cnc side. I prefer the haimer with the larger dials especially on the bigger machines. Much easier to read the dials from distance especially the smaller dial. The bigger ruby tip on the haimer help to get underneath the burrs and such...
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    Kaeser oil filter replacment

    Hi. Finally have some down time and wanted to do some TLC for our trusty Sx7 kaeser compressor. Doing an oil change and wanted to replace the oil filter but don't have one on hand. Can I replace with a car filter?? Wanted to change it out this weekend. We have the special oil but don't want to...
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    Replacing Y axis linear rails on Matsuura.

    Thanks guys. I did just that. The process was a little back breaking but ultimately got it working. Just following up to help other if they want to replace the rails on their CNC. Started off by cleaning as mush as I could. Got lucky and ordered a set of rails and blocks from flea bay...
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    Matsuura with I80 J300. Turning off coolant parameters.

    Hi. We have a Matsuura with an I80 J300 controller. Every time the spindle is turned on the aux. coolant pump for the wash down and the rotary splash window which uses a lot of air is automatically turns on. The rotary splash window uses about 5cfm of continuous air. We dont need to have them...
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    Measuring carbide insert nose radius

    Hello all, We do short run prototype and never go thru a box of inserts or even use all the sides of the inserts. Once done we keep them in a seperate box not to mix with the new ones. Is there an easy way to find out what each inserts nose radius is? How about a cheap digital microscopes...
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    Replacing Y axis linear rails on Matsuura.

    Hello. Come to find out the y axis rail blocks are leaking ball bearings and the rail does not look too good. Wanted to see if replacing is doable. I am pretty hand around machines but never a job this big. Looks like I need to lift the table off the X axis to get to the Y axis blocks and...
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    Kitamura mycenter 1 first mill

    Thats the oil air spindle lubrication for the spindle. On my kitamura, you have a long copper tubing supplying air to the upper spindle bearings. You can see the connector under the spindle next to the cat40 holder. Most older Japanese machines are similar to this. I guess back in the day...
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    Manuals for CHEVALIER FSG-3A818 Surface Grinder

    Hello, I have tried Chevalier but with no luck. They dont go back far enough??? Machine is from the mid 90's. All the models do look very similar. Mine is the automatic 8x18. After installing the machine the hydraulics wont power on but the spindle and the rest of the accessories are...
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    G84 rigid tapping on 1997 daewoo puma 200 with meldas 500 controller

    From what I remember, it made no difference with par. 29. We had no luck and after going thru the manual, rigid tapping was not purchased originally. We dont do any high production work, so for the last two decades its all been single point. We single point 4-40 all the way to1" and larger...
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    G84 rigid tapping on 1997 daewoo puma 200 with meldas 500 controller

    We have the same machine with the same controller. Had the same problem and after much research, it turned out that the machine was not equipped with rigid tapping. Make sure you have the option for Rigid tapping.
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    Leaking electricity from transformers.

    First transformer is drawing 5amps and the second is around 3.5amps.
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    Leaking electricity from transformers.

    Hello, We have been super slow recently, so when I got our last utility bill, I was shocked to see the bill. With no machines being turned on, the bill was still huge so I turned off everything in the shop and clamped an amp meter to the main line coming to the shop and was surprised that we...
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    Amada HFA-250 rear vise not clamping

    Hi, I got myself an older Amada HFA-250 bandsaw and all is good but the rear vise. In manual mode I can clamp the front and rear with no problems. Once I place the machine in automatic mode, the rear vise moves back to clamp for the next cut but starts going back and forth searching for the...
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    CNC Mill tool height setting with probe

    Hello, On one of our milling machines, we have the luxury of a tool height probe. The way renishaw recommends to set the tool height is to use a master tool for calibration and then find the height of the part using the same tool every time to find your G54 Z height. Can I use a Haimer as my...
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    Horizontal Bandsaw Recommendations

    I would look into an Amada HA250. Like stated above, go with an automatic. Its great to set a job and walk away and come back to see a pile of blanks. You can get one on the used market for about 5 to 7k. Parts are available and they are work horses. The design hasn't changed for 30 years...
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    Amada Bandsaw going from 460V to 220v

    See if this helps a little more. thnx
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    Amada Bandsaw going from 460V to 220v

    Just got an Amada 250 bandsaw that was wired for 460. I need to get the machine to run on 3 phase 230. I changed both the main motor and the hydraulic motor with the proper 230 wire configurations. :D That was easy. Now to the hard part, the machine wont turn on and for the life of me I cant...
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    Amada h250 going from 1" blade to 1.25"

    Hi all. Just got my hands on a new to me amada band saw. It seems like there is 2 versions to them. One with a 1 inch blade and the second with 1.25. Has anyone gone from one to another? I don't see much difference between the two?
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    Machine dwells until the next tool is ready!!!!

    To dandr: My machine will give an error if I don't have a T command on the M06 line. Your second example is what I do but the machine will not move until the next tool is in position. To Sinha: Same problem as stated above. Once it executes the M06 and tool 1 is in the spindle, it will wait...