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    Which Mill?????

    Hello: I'm looking to buy a new mill for pistolsmithing. Bridgeport is a possibility but I wanted to hear from other forum members with their recommendations. Anybody familiar with the new Clausings or the Manford SP, which is quite appealing? Thanks in advance, Ben H
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    Manford SP Mills....

    Can anyone give me some input either way on the SP series of vertical mills made by Manford in Taiwan. They look nice but I haven't talked with anyone who has any experience with them. Thanks in advance.
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    Wilton Lathes???

    I've seen a couple of these on e-bay and noticed they look like a Hardinge tool room lathe. How do they compare to a Hardinge? Are they a good tool room lathe? Many Thanks, Ben H
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    Osama Lathes???

    I'm not familiar with this line of lathes. How do they compare to Clausing, South Bend, etc.? Are they Asian made? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben H
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    Monarch Lathe Question...

    Here it is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2570321627&category=1272&rd=1 How's the price look for this machine in this condition? Are parts/accessories easy to find. FYI this machine would be used for precision rifle building. I've kinda narrowed it down to this one or a...
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    Monarch Lathe Question...

    How are Monarch lathes compared to other lathes such as Clausing-Colchester, South Bend, etc? Thanks, Ben H
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    Your Opinions, Please.....

    Thanks to both of you for your replies. Why can't this lathe be used for chambering through the headstock? Thanks again, Ben H
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    Your Opinions, Please.....

    I will be purchasing a mill and a lathe in the coming months. A well known riflesmith recommended a Clausing-Colchester 15x50 for its size, weight and meehanite construction. What say you about this machine? Also, what mill is "as good as it gets"? Thanks in advance, Ben H
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    Clausing Klondia Mills.....

    How do these mills stack up compared to a Bridgeport? Any and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Ben H
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    Bridgeport Spindle Question....

    I am relatively new to machining and have been shopping for a mill. I have spotted a Bridgeport with an Erickson #30 spindle. Can someone please explain the pros/cons between the Erickson and an R8 or any others? Also, can you provide year of manufacture for serial number 245650, or tell me...