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  1. J

    OT: Internal combustion engine portable power drill (fun video)

    Make my watch a 9 cylinder radial with a 4 blade prop with 1 white blade and 3 flat black blades. Add a strobe system with two colors to freeze the motion to show the hour hand as one color and the minute hand as another color using the single white blade.
  2. J

    how long to scrape a dovetail slide, like a compound?

    Richard commented on the scraping I had done on a dovetail and the scraper I had made and wanted me to write something about it. The following is what I have and how I use them. That does not mean it is the only way or the best way. Below are pictures of the hand scrapers I use. On top is a...
  3. J

    No one makes a small vertical metal cutting bandsaw

    Another vote for the Powermatic 143. Nice sturdy cast iron frame and gearbox. The version without the gearbox is the 141. If I did not have a 143 and ran across a 141 I would soon have the 141 set up with a VFD and some pullies for a high and low speed range.
  4. J

    OT- Suggestions on removing hydraulic oil stains from pervious concrete ? Hotsy ?

    Turbowerks has it right. Oil dri and kitty litter mare both forms of bentonite clay- which the oil will absorb into, just like it did into the concrete. This will occur faster if there is more contact between the two- thus eKretz's suggestion to grind the Oil-Dri into the concrete. The...
  5. J

    OT. Why, in 2023, does "on hold" music sound like a worn out cassette tape?

    I am guessing it has been decades the systems actually used magnetic tape. So why do they sound sooo bad.
  6. J

    Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy by Wayne R. Moore

    Denis I know that it is tempting to use a straight-edge as you have them- and know they have been stress relieved- but they are not a good choice when used as illustrated. The arch shape is used as it does not deflect as much as other shapes. That is good when in use as a straightedge- but...
  7. J

    OT-super capacitor to help lawnmower start?

    It sounds like you have low voltage. As has been mentioned, you could get a larger battery- or one with higher voltage. With d/c systems insufficient cable size and connection resistance can significantly limit the energy that the battery can deliver to the starter. You may have done this...
  8. J

    New feed nut bore location?

    Not a pro rebuilder- but I do have a copy of Connellys book and recently read on this. I do have some questions. Do you have a new leadscrew for the new nut- or will it be a new nut on the existing screw? Do you still have the old nut? Do you plan on doing any scraping or other work on the...
  9. J

    Hwacheon engine lathe headstock noise, bearings?

    If it is from belt "set" it will decrease over time as the machine is used and the belts heat and cool. If the finish is good- just using the machine makes sense. But...If you are curious and have the time-- mark the belts with a line across all 3, loosen the tension and move 2 of the belts...
  10. J

    Downsides to a large granite surface plate?

    Given your location calibration is a concern. It is possible to do it yourself- but it is not a casual undertaking. I would contact Campbell's Granite Surface Plate Service of Phoenix AZ. Their phone number is 602-697-5370. Their website shows as "unsafe" on my computer- but did not in the...
  11. J

    Downsides to a large granite surface plate?

    This will help answer some of your questions. https://optimalcalibration.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Federal-Specification-GGG-P-463c.pdf The federal specifications address support. IF the surface plate was supported at other points when manufactured -OR last lapped- those are the points...
  12. J

    knife grinder STEEL way groove repair, scrape?

    Some things to think about/consider based on what has been previously posted. There is wear on the surface supporting the band from rust and grinding particles allowed under by lack of grease. I would assume this is greatest in the middle of the span as this is where the band could lift the...
  13. J

    flatness measuring help

    Use surface plate, indicator, and 3 identical height gage blocks. Arrange blocks to support ring on sides and back- or just sides- possibly in V shape. Put a gage block on top of these and zero indicator reading from underside of top gage block. To use- place disk on top of gage blocks with...
  14. J

    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    Here is a link to a prior post describing my attempts to adjust the viscosity and clumping of charbonnel. I never did get the stand oil charbonnel sells to thin their ink. I need to go ahead and get some. Last week I was at Riches Oklahoma scraping class. At home I use a soft solid rubber...
  15. J

    Lathe bed regrinder near central Arkansas?

    Here is a link to the thread on way grinder resources- with my update. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/large-capacity-grinding-company-in-usa.319232/page-3 I did not not contact Schmiede as I realized I would not have time to have it done before the class. Jeff Thiele
  16. J

    Large capacity grinding company in USA

    In Mid October 2022 I made some calls to find someone to grind a lathe bed in the midwest. He is what I learned. KC Machine in Excelsior Springs MO (NE of Kansas City) has sold their way grinder and no longer has the capacity to grind lathe beds. Daniluk in Oklahoma City has their way grinder...
  17. J

    Chinese "precision" levels

    Regarding calculating the thickness of bluing by how much is applied and the area covered. Calculate the density of the blue using as large a volume as you can (or ask the manufacturer). If you know the density you can weight a small amount and calculate the volume. You can get sensitive...
  18. J

    Rsk Niigata Riken precision level repair help

    Look and see in there is an adjustment on the side to adjust the level for "roll". If the vial is not parallel with the V in the bottom- or parallel with the side if there is no V when you do the reversal test the vial is at an angle to its prior position and the bubble will drift --unless your...
  19. J

    Seeking advice for lagun vertical mill

    I did not get the impression Kody was not interested. I hope Kody sees this and is able to followup promptly. With the above information available it will not last long.
  20. J

    Seeking advice for lagun vertical mill

    The big question in my mind is ---do you need a mill for immediate use- or do you have the desire for a mill you can use at some point and are willing to work on one to get there? I am a little more optimistic. about the mill. If the table work was done by a professional rebuilder the gib...