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    Cheap-As-Dirt stick welder to TIG?

    Yes you can, but first look at the cost of a valve type TIG torch, filler rods, gas tank and regulator. Whether or not is another matter though, and you would simply be taking a chance on that.
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    Problems TIG welding castings?

    The castings I have had problems with are not in contact with oil and have been blast cleaned before welding.
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    Problems TIG welding castings?

    Thanks for all the replies. I have welded a fair amount of oil soaked castings over the years and can easily overcome problems related to this. Things I have experienced honeycomb inclusion issues with are flywheel covers and most recently a brake plate. Neither of these is in contact with oil...
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    Problems TIG welding castings?

    Wonder if anyone has experienced problems with honeycomb type blow holes appearing in and adjacent to the weld pool area, when welding relatively thin aluminium castings? I get the feeling this might possibly be hydrogen inclusions of some sort, maybe caused by shielding gas issues? Only seems...
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    water cooled tig torch

    Cooler looks very similar to my Tweco TC900 but the pump isnt the same (mine has a Procon fitted). First thing you need to do is detach the water outlet and check the amount of flow. If it seems less than you would expect drain the coolant tank and see how if the water is nice and clean. If its...
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    Baileigh made in USA?

    I guess then very much like present day Snap On tools, which are mostly from the far east now?
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    How Would You Repair This Cast Metal Part?

    Any form of welding on cast iron parts will leave a martensite layer adjacent to the welded area. On some parts this will mean failure occurs quite quickly and on anything mission critical means that brazing is a better repair process if appropriate. TIG brazing is a repair process which works...
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    Fuel rail....TIG, solder, or braze

    An awful lot of confusing waffle in the replies on here..............lol. Properly carried out silver soldering job on parts with good fit up is really the only option here.
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    Baileigh made in USA?

    Wonder if this equipment is USA manufactured? I have seen some Baileigh products here in the UK and it looked to me like slickly marketed and very costly Chinese made?
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    Weld Settings for Thick Sections (GMAW)

    Firstly the OP has a 250A machine and while it might go into spray transfer using 1.2mm wire on thicker material, Miller suggests 315A so its going to be far more likely to be running in dip. MIG Solid-Core Welding Calculator - MillerWelds If failure or a weak joint doesnt matter much...
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    Weld Settings for Thick Sections (GMAW)

    Its possible to relatively easily overcome issues related to clearance with TIG cups related to vee joints. Either use specifically designed long thin extended reach cup, or gas lens and extend the tungsten. Its very difficult to overcome problems related to using the MIG process on this type of...
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    How Would You Repair This Cast Metal Part?

    If you know someone who has a TIG ask them if they can braze it for you.
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    Weld Settings for Thick Sections (GMAW)

    If you have MMA capability on your TIG set its going to be far better to put the root in with TIG and then cap with MMA. You could MIG it but the job wont be anywhere near as good as TIG root and capping with MMA.................
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    Roto broaching 16.5mm internal splined hole?

    Wonder if there is anyone on here who has done much roto broaching? We need to broach 16.5mm internal spline into forged steel motorcycle kickstart knuckles, and looks like roto broaching would be the way to go, but would be very interested to hear from anyone with hands on experience of this...
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    Lenco patented CNC lathe?

    I wonder if anyone has ever heard of Lenco? According to them they are manufacturing a small footprint CNC lathe in the US, which is half the price of a Hass designed to do the same job: Lenco Patented CNC Lathe M210 | Lenco Holdings LLC If thats the case and it is a US made machine, I guess...
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    Lenco CNC wheel lathe, US or Chinese made?

    Wonder if anyone knows anything about Lenco Holdings in Florida? They have advised they can supply an American made CNC lathe, specially adapted for refacing alloy car wheels. However not been able to find anything on the net about Lenco, and the US made machine they are selling looks to me like...
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    Lenco Holdings Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel Lathe?

    I wonder if anyone knows anything about the Lenco Holdings alloy wheel refinishing lathe? On the basis of information on their web site, and what we have been told by Lenco, its an American made machine, that has been produced specifically for Lenco, which is able to scan in the profile of an...
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    Bronze tig weld cracking

    I do quite a lot of TIG brazing, and you might find that using a phosphor bronze filler material, on DC- with a lot less heat, will cure your problems.
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    Need help a VFD/transformer solution or a new motor...help?

    Taking things like cost into mind, would it not be worth looking at simply replacing the motor with a single phase equivalent? There may be some need to alter or adapt the stock mounting system, but this is likely to be much much easier and less costly than pretty much any other option............
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    Conrac 221 mandrel bender

    Thanks..............that machine looks far more modern than the old 221 though, which I would guess is around 40 yrs old,