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    Charmilles form 30 FDU issues

    We just acquired a 2017 Charmilles Form 30 and I am having a difficult time getting it running. The main issue right now is my FDU is alarming out, so I can't do anything with the machine. I've been in contact with GF, but I might get an email response maybe every other day. The last thing they...
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    Anyone using a laser to make electrodes?

    I just did a job engraving parts in graphite for a research project using a 100w fiber laser. Some of the features got down to .005 wide, but most were over .010 wide while hitting multiple depths up to .025. The unfortunate thing with the fiber laser is the deeper you go, the more taper you...
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    Charmilles roboform 50 major issues

    i have a roboform 50 that has been giving me nothing but fits for years. my current issue is a couple months ago, we turned on the machine and the screen was blank except for a text box that said "power saver mode". i called GF and finally traced it down to the power supply. we had that repaired...
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    Studer cylindrical grindier coolant leak

    I have a Studer S30 LeanPro that has been leaking coolant into the hydraulic tank. Rapidly. Enough to displace the oil out of the tank onto the floor. I should mention that the hydraulic oil doubles as way oil, so it circulates throughout the machine. I have already replaced the wipers on the...
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    CNC cylindrical grinding questions

    I have a few questions about grinding strategies for a PITA part ive been working on. my part is fully chromed with anywhere between .010 and .020 of grinding stock, opposing 45 degree shoulders, inside/outside .750 radius and .060 inside/outside radius. i can generate a profile on my wheel, so...