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    Need Help! Deckel Maho DMU60P 1999 ( E60 , Z63 , C53 error)

    Unfortunatelly this particular forum is about machines 8+ years older than your DMU.Please submit your answers in the DMG,Gildemeister PM forum page.There you will find many Millplus users who will propably help.In any case make also a detailed search for threads in the above mentioned forum for...
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    Precision Boring Head RetroFit

    Story of my life...Having around 4 generations of Deckel milling machines, I find it quite a pazzle to interchange toolholders between the machines...Unfortunatelly Peter, this adapter is mainly used for its outside pull stud action, as its internal M16 thread is too short and requires a special...
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    Obscure aftermarket head for the FP series

    Look closely- "for now,only for FP1" ("FP2" added by hand)
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    Another FP1 overhead crane

    Peter, is that a high speed angle adapter?
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    Optic device for Deckel KF

    Here is a short description in the KF users manual.Hope it helps...
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    Deckels at auction today in Germany

    Don't see anything wrong with that...Every garage/workshop/school/industry can use manual deckels upon arrival in their place with minimum costs, whereas those bulky green beasts need trainning, correct installation and every little capacitor:bowdown: working in good order to make some...
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    Mazak SQT spindle cover

    Recently our SQT10M started a light whistling behind the chuck.It occurs only when the spindle rotates and the frequency increases according to the spindle speed.After cleaning/check of the chuck, I have checked the technical drawings and suspect that the displayed cover is just for sealing the...
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    So I just bought a Ruhla FUW 250/IV

    15 years ago, I went through a similar problem with my F315/III. It used to have an external cabinet with 70's electronics (bulb transistors etc) that went bad.An electronics technician at the time, suggested (as Ross above) to keep the 2 old robust motors and interchange the whole setup with...
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    OT- Switzerland "on holiday" dates and what machinery dealers to visit ?

    Wallima made a huge stock clearence last month, through auction websites. Interestingly, his most attractive/ovarhauled/well maintained machines were not available, so they would have either been sold to high bidders exclusivelly, or kept to be members of a top tier lineup in his stocklist.
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    DMG Mori heavily advertising the new FP4M

    DMG has a long relation with FPS as they have been licenced to reproduce all castings from the old FP lines. Not long ago, DMG provided a friend with spare parts from FPS. After a closer inspection of the photos the machine seems identical with some discontinued models of FPS. The horizontal...
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Martin, although not the place to start a discussion about it, do you know if a repair is possible? I have used various electronic handwheels on many machines over the years, but the feel and user experience of the original is unsurpassed.
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    Deckel FP42 NC - weight of components/transport

    Some notes regarding the FP42NC: -I don't think there is a VFD version of this model.Its succesor FP50(much better designed) is equipped with one. -In case you buy a late 80s/flip head model it will propably have hardened/scraped ways(z axis ways are notorious for galling in the NC line,x axis...
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    TOS SV18RA lathe

    There must be a hole for a lifting bar under the motor cover. 40+mm bar can pass through.On the tailstock side I am not so sure, so you can pass your sling under the bed and between carriage and tailstock.Good luck!
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    What is this machine?

    It looks like a diamond/cbn wheel dressing machine.Multiple axes with micrometric dials, mignification lens and a fairly rigid construction paired with an automatic/production focused approach, lead me to that conclusion.
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    First Time CnC, Contour 3 help needed!

    Can you post some info and pictures of this interesting retrofit?
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    FP4NC Dialog 11 Flip head problem

    In that case you have to visit the fusion forum, where you can find some updated postprocessors. Search for "DIALOG/DECKEL" threads.
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    FP4NC Dialog 11 Flip head problem

    This is a very common error in the adaptive clearing method.Regulate entering angles and radial depth of cut to correct it, or use other strategies of milling.
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    Maho MH800 C - English Manual and documentation

    Although this is not the correct forum page for MAHO cnc, I would suggest contacting MMD Service in Germany.They acquired the leftovers of the local Maho factory and specialise in these machines.
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    Blowing fuses in my Dialog 4 console - Help!

    I change this exact fuse every month on average, the last 10 years.I have not yet discovered what the problem is, but they always burn 5 to 30 secs after powering from the main switch.I cant find the original fuses with the little crystal balls, but I believe they are "slow burnt" fuses. After...
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    Question for you Deckel NC owners

    I have tried many CAM systems over the years, for many (dialog 4,11 millplus and HH430) controls.The problem is that all new CAM packages are oriented to modern controls, so they tend to create huge programs that make older machines work slowly and jerky, besides taking too much memory space...