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    Versions of Deckel FP2 with 500mm X travel?

    Hello everyone, So I might want to update my current Deckel FP1 to an FP2 if there is a good catch in my area. One thing I noticed in the past with offerings for Deckel FP2's that there seems to be a rare version with 500mm travel in X instead of the usual 400mm. Does anyone know more about...
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    Questions regarding Deckel S0 d-bit grinder

    Thank you very much! The knurled ring was so tight/stuck on the bushing, that it didn't even occur to me that these components should be freely adjustable. Now that I knew this and with a little more force and leverage, I was able to loosen the ring nut and make everything movable again.
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    Questions regarding Deckel S0 d-bit grinder

    Hello everyone, I need a little help regarding a Deckel S0 dbit grinder that I recently bought... 1) The scale of the collet holder does not match up with the indentations on the index plate, they are shifted ~2-3° to one another. The second picture shows the collet holder in the locked...
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    Any experience with MR-X6A Endmill grinder?

    So I was wondering if anyone has experience with one of those endmill grinders Link: They are made in China and sold by lots of different resellers. They can for example be found as: -MR-X6A -Knuth FSM14S -Bernardo EMG 30 Pro -.... Those machines can grind the faces of endmills including...
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    Deckel rotary table -is this genuine?

    From my experience of buying used tooling I would say things on tools were mostly altered because something was damaged, broken or got missing and not to make it somehow better. So my first reaction is always to be suspicious...
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    Deckel rotary table -is this genuine?

    I was looking for a Deckel rotary table for probably a year now. Either the price was extra spicey because of the Deckel nametag or the provider was too far away, shipping for these rotary table is usually too expensive. So yesterday a rotary table in "very good, working condition" popped up...
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    Help identifying the version of my FP1 vertical head

    Thanks to everyone for replying so far. The vertical head has a MT4 taper, just like the horizontal spindle. Here are more pictures: @DJ2: I'm not able to answer that question, I bought the mill with that particular head.
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    Help identifying the version of my FP1 vertical head

    I would like to spend some time on my Deckel FP1's vertical milling head. More specifically I would like to pull the vertical head apart, clean all parts and regrease/reoil all components according to the manual. Can anyone identify, which version of the vertical head I have? It is definitely...
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    Deckel FP1 oil channels/felt wicks help needed

    So I am one of the "greased up Deckels" victims... When I had the support apart I also cleaned out all the clogged oil channels and now I want put things back together, including replacing the old felt wicks. For the most part this is self explainatory, but for one oil channel I need input...
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    Help identifying these faceplates... for Deckel FP1 dividing head?

    I was looking for a faceplate for my dividing head with MK4 mount for quite some time now. Lately I went to a flea market and found these two faceplates with 250mm and 300mm diameter. The previous owner didn't know where these belonged to but I was pretty confident that these are from a newer...
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    Disassembly of a Deckel dividing head vice?

    Hello everyone, I got hold of a Deckel dividing head and included was the centering vice. The vice is quite dirty and the leadscrew is full of maybe decades old grease so it should probably be cleaned and regreased. So I tried to pull the vice apart... and failed. I have no idea how this...
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    Deckel Fp1 . X-axis 1.5mm play

    If I recall correctly, the Deckel FP1 mills have an oddball thread size for their axis spindles and nuts, which made it complicated to reproduce in the homeshop since there are no taps in this size readily available. It was TR24x4 I believe, maybe someone else can confirm?
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    Drill Chuck with MK4 M16 mount for a mill?

    Hey everyone, I sometimes run into the situation where I have to countersink and drill a lot of holes on my mill. Since I don't have a DRO, I can't countersink all holes first an then come back and drill them out. To get backlash out of the equation, I have to countersink and subsequently drill...
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    Deckel FP1: gear lever won't engage fully and gears slip

    Thanks for your reply. So I drained the oil and opened the gearbox on the opposed side of the gear levers. On first look everything seems to be in good condition. No metal parts on the floor of the gearbox, no cracks, missing teeth or other visible damage. This is the engagement with the gear...
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    Centre Finding Microscope - is this a defect or feature?

    Hello everyone, I've got an old centre finding microscope, propably for an old german manual mill. The microscope seems to have a defect, or is it a feature? Inside the optics there is a black, hollow cylinder and it is not fixed in place but moves around. This seems odd to me, but on the...
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    Deckel FP1: gear lever won't engage fully and gears slip

    Hello everyone, I got hold of an old Deckel FP1, probably from the 1940s. Everything seems to be in good and working condition. The only problem I have is the right lever for selecting the milling RPMs: In the "right" position the lever engages fine and the mill can be used with no problem...