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    Printing part in support material

    Hello All, I have a question regarding printing in support material. We have an ancient Stratasys FDM Vantage printer at our facility that has seen better days, but still gets the job done. We need to print a part in support material only. This part is for a research department; they will be...
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    UHMW vs. Nylon

    Good question....I forgot to include that in my description. The ring will be 1.5 inches thick.
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    UHMW vs. Nylon

    I was wondering if you folks could provide some advice on a project. I would like to machine a large clamp ring for a quality control device that is about 24" in diameter. The clamp ring will have to be loosened so the device can be rotated, then clamped again. The surface of the device...
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    Bending Stainless Steel tubing

    Hello Folks, Just a question regarding a project I am currently working on. It requires a piece of .75"OD stainless steel tubing with a 1/16" wall thickness to be bent into a U shape as per the picture attached. It requires a 5.5" centre line bend radius for both bends. The distance between...
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    Machining PEEK plastic

    Hello Folks, I was wondering if any one out there has experience machining PEEK plastic? Any advice or guidance regarding speeds, feeds, tooling, techniques? I have a small piece which I have already machined from PEEK; however, I would like to soften the edges without taking a deburring tool...
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    Articulated arm assembly

    Perhaps some of you folks could help me once again.... I have some articulated arms similar to those used on indicator stands, however these are of a heavier duty and are used in the medical industry. I had to make an adapter for the ends which was no problem; however, another department...
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    Stainless steel, nylon tipped screws

    Hello Folks, Just another question for everyone....I was wondering if anyone knows a supplier of stainless steel, narrow head, nylon tipped screws. I am attaching a picture to give you an idea of what I am looking for. I have searched McMaster-Carr, Spaenaur, Essentra with no success; and...
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    Silver soldering hypodermic tubing

    Great idea. Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Silver soldering hypodermic tubing

    Thanks! I have been wearing nitrile gloves while soldering this and some other small pieces as well. Luckily I have some extra pieces of tubing to use as practice!
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    Silver soldering hypodermic tubing

    Wonderful advice! Many thanks. I have made a fixture to hold the tubes while covered with the copper plate. Unfortunately I do not have a kiln, however I am going to use your method and attempt to solder them today. Thanks again.
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    Silver soldering hypodermic tubing

    Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone can assist me with this issue. I am required to silver solder two pieces of stainless steel hypodermic tubing together along their entire length. The pieces are about seven inches long, and .025" in diameter. I have attempted to do this with silver solder...
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    Problem with Stratasys Printer

    I was wondering if someone could help us with an issue we are having with our Stratasys FDM Vantage printer. When printing, the support tip does not extend from the head and just ejects the material on the build sheet about 3/16 of an inch away, so it never adheres. We have no problem with the...
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    Replacing Gearbox on Automated Door system

    Hello Brian, Can't thank you enough for your advice! It worked exactly as you said it would. After replacing the gear box, and setting the potentiometer back to the initial votage, the door opened and closed to the correct positions. I'm always learning something from these forums. Thanks...
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    Replacing Gearbox on Automated Door system

    Hello All, I am a novice with respect to PLC's, position sensors, etc. so please forgive me if this question seems juvenile. I have to replace a gear box on a system which open and closes a very heavy door. There is a motor which contains its own gear box (100:1 ratio), and this is attached...
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    Rockwell Automation ControlLogix5571

    Hello, I was hoping someone in this forum could provide me with some information and advice. What are the advantages of the ControlLogix 5571 PLC? I am particularly interested in its applications, its I/O capacity, memory, and any other features. Why would this be used over MicroLogix...