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    Need help finding angle head

    mimatic brand is suggested by mazak here in eu to buy holders from.
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    Machine Tending in a box - Halter Automation vs RoboJob vs Automation Within Reach

    i do have persenal exp with the robojob mill assist. on a 3axis vmc but also with 4th axis trunnion the system has a lot of positive sides but also a few drawbacks. positive. super easy to program even with the part flipping unit. the only drawback of the system i have is that small parts can...
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    Mazak tolerance issue in Automation

    if you want to hold tight tolerances on parts and run unlmanned also look at the proces itself. if your roughing tool wears out it can affect the finishing tool. so adding a semi finish pass with a diffrent tool might produce better results. Dont focus on cycle time alone but try to get the...
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    Cincinnati Hawk 150 - Turret knocked out of position - alarm 39-48

    on the cincin lathje i had there was a switch located on the lower back side of the turret. you have the 4 bolts that are used to clamp the turret to the base there is a switch. to undo the estop you have to loosen the bracket of the sensor and cancel the estop alarm. after that you must loosen...
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    Honing carbide

    sorry for the lathe reply of the quality of the sunnen honing stones. for carbide we use dv57 these are diamond stones and quite expencive for the k model around 180 euro a piece
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    Honing carbide

    we hone carbide dies in g30 en g50 grade from time to time you can use normal stones but its gonna take long and the carbide will heat up faster making it harder to hit the tolerance. we heve special stones for carbide from sunnen i can check monday what type of stones they are kinda pricy but...
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    manual cylindrycal grinder that wont break the bank

    thanks for all the replys so far to bad most brands you are mentioning are na brands and they are harder to find here in europe :) new is totally out of the question atm or it has to be a knuth. the s20 studer was 270k when they told me the price they almost had to bring me to the emergency...
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    manual cylindrycal grinder that wont break the bank

    Hey all we are looking for a manual cyclindrical grinder but i find these are pretty hard to find. most of them seems to be cnc these days. we dont need a large machine biggest od we want to grind is 150mm length max is 150mm smallest id is around 20mm tolerances will be around 0.01mm the...
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    Traveling single column (x) with stationary table, what's available?

    dmg dmf line doosan vcf line hedelius axa machine ibarmia
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    although i only have a dnm500 model with a 4th axis and an 828d controller coupeld with a robojob working cell and it has been working great. i cannot speak about 5 axis. but i think it also has a lot to do with the distributor i am based in europe so most distributors have exp with siemens or...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    you can buys the doosans also with siemens and i think even with heidenhain
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    what kind of brands/pricing range of edm machines for our need

    Hey i am looking for information about brands and price range of edm ram and wire for our need without getting trough the hassle with suppliers as a inhouse toolshop for our coldfoming department it would be beneficial for us to have the ability to edm some dies and parts used in our own...
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    CNC lathe pick: eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

    dont rule out the doosan because its a fanuc controll you can get it with the siemens to i have dnm500 with a siemens 828d and its a really nice control