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    fusion 360 cloud system ensures you stay with them???

    fusion 360 data anyone know how to take ownership of your files and keep them local????? been using f360 for two years now came from inventor there cloud system takes your files hostage and makes it very difficult to keep copies of your own data short of exporting them seperatly i have hundreds...
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    macro program for 2 flats

    this is a program i wrote for haas vf6 next gen fanuc control works on any size od stock, any size cutter fill out the varibles at start and your done also works for when you want flats off center or at coordinates that arnt x0y0. doesnt use cutter comp but does use the diameter of cutter for...
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    G3 Is Incomprehensible to Me

    you are trying to cut from y1 to y0 which is negative but your circle center is positive of that location try taking out the i and j and use r5 instead if you cant get i and j to work
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    how can i call current wcs system from a varable

    #4012 worked for me thanks was testing in mdi mode but had to single block and check table as it clears them all at end of program.
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    G54 error during VPS generation on HAAS machine

    maybe do you put the cut length in as a positive but it actually cuts in the negative we have vps on a vf6 mill and a victor millturn but dont use them as the millturn is especially hard to understand weve gone to cad/cam programming for all but simple things.
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    G13 pocket cycle on a pcd

    is there a way to use G13 pocket cycle on a pcd i often need to drill a pcd but counterbore aswell the only way i know is to put the coordinates in individually or do a model in fusion360 and tool path from there. or am i going to have to write a program holes in a straight line could do with...
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    my macro program for pcd's , for drilling and or tapping, reaming, countersinking

    not since i added that wcs setting, forgot it only went up to 33, just edited it. thanks
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    how can i call current wcs system from a varable

    so after my probe cycle runs and changes the current wcs i can recall it with G#4014 will that act the same as typing G54 and if G55 is set then it G#4014 will work as G55? its friday ill have to wait till mondsy to try.
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    Deep, large pocket roughing

    i use an air gun m89 i think i sometimes rough out pockets or make a hole for the end mill with this high feed beast Fz 0.5 https://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/item.aspx?cat=3346812&fnum=4278&mapp=ML&app=0&GFSTYP=M&isoD=1 use a high rake end mill i always use as much of the flutes as possible, with...
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    how can i call current wcs system from a varable

    hi ive written a macro for pockets that uses two wcs g54 and g55 what i want to do is call whatever wcs that has previously been set currently two variables are set one for first wcs and one for second wcs its for the probe cycle that probes both parts i want it to call and set what ever one...
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    my macro program for pcd's , for drilling and or tapping, reaming, countersinking

    hi wanted to share this code i made i use it often, let me know if there are improvements or mods i could use currently its for pcds and singlular or specific coordinate holes or a combination of all. written on a haas vf6 next gen control lots of options to turn on or off that suit what i need...