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    Boring and turning alumimum: insert shape

    From My past experience with smaller HP. lathes,I have found my best results on most materials,comes with an 11 degree positive insert.The ccmt is a 7 degree insert,and a fair choice,but if if all conditions are correct,such as speed,feed,and correct tool orientation,there can be a noticable...
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    Anyone own a Metosa Smart lathe?

    I am so very so.I guess I was just so excited that I had in My hand,the exact manual that You needed,that I did not think to glance at the date of Your posting.Now,I took some notes about the status of My machine,when I try to initiate the traditional start-up routine,just like I always have,as...
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    Anyone own a Metosa Smart lathe?

    I believe that I have the manual You need ,here in front of Me.It is a pinacho TSAF10-V R6C manual,complete with the parameter list..It may be just what You need.I am not a good typist,so give me a call @ 231-613-0162 ( Michigan ) I have not a clue,why this manual in in the packet that came...