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    Can anyone help with DRO issues

    Hi Paul, could you maybe share the Manual with me? Our DRO kicked in an error and without manual it’s impossible to know what’s wrong? Thanks in advance
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    Wanted: Help and Manual for Mitutoyo DRO

    Hi all, We have a Mitutoyo DRO code# 164-274, Model # PM32-L. Yesterday the DRO got an error message, error 70. Because we don’t have the manual we are in the dark to reset it or if the DRO is broken. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Wanted - Manual for Mitutoyo DRO

    Well we have one too and no user manual. Today the DRO gave an alarm, error 70 and we are trying to reset it but because of no manual no luck. If anybody knows a solution that would be great.