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    WTB: Small ZZ collets, Kwik-Switch 300 gear.

    I have a KS300-Morse 2 adapter kicking around if you can use that.
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    KO Lee surface grinder and tools / accessories for sale in Texas

    That is a B360 "Plainsman" universal tool and cutter grinder (easy to see how that tag stamping could be read wrong). Not a surface grinder, though it can be configured to asc as one in a pinch.
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    ISO original Hendey shaper vise

    Depends on the size of the shaper. It's a lot more convenient to have a vise on the little ones. On the 24" Cincinnati I ran, I had the vise off most of the time.
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    Late W. B. Knight mill/jig bore in Pine Grove, PA

    Marketplace ad: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/311868234769995/?mibextid=dXMIcH The swinging table on these later ones is pretty interesting.
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    15" Sidney face plate

    Looks like about $50 to ship UPS.
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    Donaldson Torit 60 Cab Dust Collector - Free

    I could use this. I'm in Elkins. Sent you a PM.
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    Modig UBM-30 Swedish Milling Machine

    Pretty much all the drill builders in Sweden (Arboga, Solberga, Modig, et al) had the same geared head design. Not sure which of them originated it. It was copied by some other European makers outside of Sweden as well.
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    Dummy and his mill

    It's like watching hockey for the fights.
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    Interesting line shaft oil field shop for sale in Harrisville, WV

    Or, maybe he just thinks the stuff might be useful to somebody. Maybe he doesn't want to see it scrapped. Maybe (obviously) he has no idea what any of it is worth, and made up a number out of thin air. In any case, I'm not sure I have the insight to determine whether or not someone is an...
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    Dummy and his mill

    "Subscribe to watch my video series on the BEST way to destroy precision spindle bearings".
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    Interesting line shaft oil field shop for sale in Harrisville, WV

    No. It's middle-of-nowhere oil and gas country. One of the lowest population densities in the state.
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    Interesting line shaft oil field shop for sale in Harrisville, WV

    Photos are not great, and none of the machinery shown is particularly rare, but it looks like an interesting place nonetheless. Could be some hidden gems. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/851983019819758/?mibextid=dXMIcH
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    Jacobs 36KD drill chuck with R8 arbor

    I seem to recall that the drive lugs on the back of these chucks were meant to interface with the spindles of certain magnetic drills... BUX, maybe? Anyway, someone put an R8 arbor in it. Some crude grinding to clear the drive lugs, but it works. Chuck is in excellent condition. Heavy duty plain...
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    15" Sidney face plate

    Bump. $25 plus actual shipping. Tired of tripping over it.
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    13 1/2” lathe face plate with 2 1/4” x 8 tpi threads

    This came with a Lodge & Shipley, which is did not fit, so I don't know the original manufacturer. Some extra holes and one thru slot has been widened. How about $25 plus actual shipping, or pick up in central West Virginia.
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    Rivett taper live center

    This came along with a parts Rivett 608-PV I purchased for a friend years ago. No name on it, and it looks shop made/modified to me. The taper measure around. 0576 per foot and is sized somewhere between Morse 1 and 2, which all seems to agree with the consensus of the proprietary Rivett taper...
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    10EE spindle center sleeve

    I found dimensions for the EE spindle center sleeve (Jarno 12 to Morse 2) in an old post here, so I have the necessary information to make one... but, if anybody has an original for sale, it would be one less thing for me to do. I left Brian at Miller Machine a voice mail, but have not heard...
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    Modig UBM-30 Swedish Milling Machine

    They are the same basic design as an Asian mill-drill, but a lot higher quality. They do have a sort of unusual spindle arrangement, where the Morse tooling is retained by a lock ring instead of a drawbar. I can't remember if anything about that arrangement is proprietary or not.