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    Another Cincinnati #2 Tool & Cutter Grinder question - Lower Pulley

    I'm working on my grinders "drive system", and have a question about the lower pulley on the motor. OK, several questions ... Does anyone know if the nut is left, or right hand? My grinder, which was in really good shape when I got it (because the last owner rebuilt all of it), has a plastic...
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    Enginebill, great pictures!
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    F E Reed Lathe Questions

    P.S. Here is a video of rescraping bearings - The bearings in the video are more modern version of your bearings, but the principle and materials are the same. My guess is his spindle is a lot harder then yours and does not have any damage (disclaimer: I watched the video 2 years ago and...
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    F E Reed Lathe Questions

    Mike, Lots of questions! et me try and answer a few. 30 wt oils should be fine. Non detergent is the first choose. But you should do ok with one with a detergent. It will just clean the grim out very slowly. A oil is to viscose if the bearing is running hot at high speed with properly...
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    DoAll DH-612 Manual Surface Grinder Restoration

    I have the same grinder. I placed a good 1.5"x.75"x12 parallel against the fence. When I ran the table back and forth, the center section was spot on with a tenths indicator. The ends would raise up .0015" on one end and .002" on the other. i.e. not good. I ground the chuck "flat", and...
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    Bliss Shaper 1881 ?

    Rob, Thanks for the information. The main difference I see, which you may not pick up in the pictures, is that the legs and the main casting are two parts on our shaper at Tuckahoe. I wonder if that is an indication that it is older than the 1877 ad. My thinking is in the early days of...
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    Lead Paint on vintage machine tools

    I did the same thing about 20 years ago. I only found one item (out of 6) had lead paint. I was testing machines that were pre-1940, and probably much older (and in general were painted black). I don't remember what tested positive. If I remember correctly, lead poisoning does affect memory...
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    DoAll 612 randomly decides to cut an extra .002 deep on just one pass.

    This same thing happened to me using the same grinder. It the time I thought the wheel had slipped and was no longer concentric with spindle. I'm rethinking that. One test you could do is lay a 12" long parallel on the table and sweep it with an indicator. On my grinder the middle 50% of...
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    Help Removing Rivett 608 Gearbox

    This is not the answer to your question, but if you want to remove an reinstall the 2 speed gear box on the bottom side of the table, the best way is to remove the lathe from the table and turn the table over. Has anyone figured out how to disassembly the stack of gears in the QC box? It was...
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    Early brown and sharpe legs

    The legs are 30/31" tall. If you scale things, the turret lathe would be a bit high to operate. I have a Rivett turret lathe on the original feet, and it is low by modern standards to operate comfortably. (OK, not really uncomfortable, but my safety glasses want to keep failing off because I'm...
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    Deckel pantograph model ID...

    Looking at Tony's site, the 21's right hand table has an "accessory" edge (my words for lack of better), which the one in your picture does not. The capability of the 21 size wise looks to be only slightly greater then the 12. I just searched google image with "deckel GK pantograph". The...
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    heavy ordnance field repair---1917

    There is an article in American Machinist from the end of the war (I) about a repair depot that America set up to support heavy weapon repairs when they (we) entered the war. It was a major machine shop that could practically build guns from scratch. One thing they had to do was re-line gun...
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    Lifting a Cincinnati #2 cutter grinder

    I think I used thick wall pipe and did not have a problem. Remember to remove the table before transporting it (if it has the ball bearing ways), or tighten it down tight with a ratchet strap. Vince
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    Unpowered evaluation of a Brown & Sharpe #2 grinder

    Greg, Take a 4 sided parallel with you and a dial indicator. I have a 6x12 surface grinder and after I ground the chuck & and back rail in I place the parallel against the chuck and back rail. When I swept the indicator along the length by moving the table I could see the wear in the ways...
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    Large scrape marks on older machines.

    I have an old Sloan & Chase milling machine. It has the same 1" wide scrape marks on parts also. I always wondered how they were made. Vince
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    Early Prentice lathe?

    The only lathe I know of that had the half nut on the back was Lathe and Morse. We have 2 of them at Tuckahoe. This is the smaller one - The legs are a bit different, and the castings are not exactly the same. You can not tell in the picture I attached, but it is a 4 step cone pulley like...
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    Hardinge Cataract Quick Change Lathe for sale in Europe.

    This was a very advanced lathe for the time. It did not have a threading dial, you just engaged the threading leveler, and it would engage correctly for the TPI the QC box was set for. The modern Hardinge lathes are the same way. It may be hard to make it cut metric threads if it was not...
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    SAE 160 oil

    There is not much I can add to what has been said already, though ... I would like to point out that when you talk about oil "Weight", that weight is a made up number. You really should think in terms of viscosity (at a temperature), and the ISO scale does a better job of doing that. People...
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    Possible to lock X on old Cin #2 ?

    I'm not sure how you can lock the Y-axis (other x-axis :-). I think you would have to do some drilling and taping to add something. You may be able to do something with magnets. Maybe a DRO would help tell you that it moved. If you figure something out, please post a picture. I have thought...
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    Possible to lock X on old Cin #2 ?

    Yes, it blast the dust up. I was surprised by that, but that is the way it was meant to work. If you take the spindly out and turn it around, then you can run it backwards and blast the dust down. This is the way I have been running my machine (I'm a hobbyist). I have plans on turning it...