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    Just bought my first Wire EDM

    First thing to realize is they all lie a bit regarding top speed, if brand new, in laboratory conditions they maybe got those numbers at some point. 1st, The distance of your flush cups from the surfaces of the material you are cutting is important to cutting speed. 2nd, straight cuts are faster...
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    Roundness error

    Can absolutely be worn guides, could be a tiny bit of ballscrew wear or thrust bearings, but it might be as simple as reverse compensation not being adjusted correctly. Good luck with it.
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    Sodick wire alignment tool- help

    I believe it’s 30 degrees. I’ll check mine tomorrow. Don
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    Sodick Wire EDM AQ360LX. Should I buy it?

    Buy it, I’ve owned new and used Sodick wire EDM’s for the past 30 years and I own a 2004 AQ550L now that still makes excellent parts. Sodick’s have linear motors so there are no ballscrews or couplings that can wear out and affect accuracy. Sodick will ask that you register with them and they...
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    Just bought my first Wire EDM

    I ran 4 Duo 43 Makino’s for about a year, they worked fine and were not difficult to learn. Make sure to get your hands on a operator manual as that will have most of the answers you will need. Also Makino applications was helpful over the phone. Before you start using it, clean anything you...
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    I need a 6" LH 3/8-16 tap.

    You can buy what is called a "Pulley Tap" I'm not sure if they come in a Left Hand thread. but the length is no problem.
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    Mitutoyo display repair ?

    Thanks for your reply, I'll check it out.
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    WTB Steady and Follow Rest for Leblond 15" Servo Shift

    I just bought a 15” LeBlond Regal used and I’m looking for a reasonable parts source. If you need a taper attachment I have one that I will never use so I removed it. It comes with the extension for the cross slide screw. Thanks, Don
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    WTB Quadrant Gear for 15" Leblond Regal Servo Shift

    I am in need of all 3 of the gears in the that drawing, I just bought a used 15” Regal and someone had them way to tight so all three gears were destroyed. If you have any or all I would be interested. Thanks Don
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    WTB: Metric change gears for 15" Leblond Regal Servoshift?

    I believe the large center gear, is reversible, one side is 120 teeth the other is 127 teeth, once you reverse it you can readjust the bottom gear engagement.
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    Mitutoyo display repair ?

    I recently bought a used LeBlond lathe with a Mitutoyo digital readout, I plugged it in but only one of the two displays works. Does anyone know where I might get it repaired? Also I need some parts for the LeBlond lathe as well, I did find LeBlond’s site, they sell only new parts and one other...
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    Who makes good work boots in the USA?

    The last time I ordered some was about 7 years I ago also bought a pair for my son who lives in New Hampshire because they were telling me they didn't know how much longer they would be in business because it was hard to appeal to the old Knapp customers since the name had to be changed. I...
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    Who makes good work boots in the USA?

    Knapp Shoes was acquired by the employees after the company went into bankruptcy. They are the same shoes and boots but they are sold today as "Known Quality Shoes" the only way I can see their website is on ebay and it shows all the models and they also sell a few other brands.
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    Who makes good work boots in the USA?

    I know of an American company that used to make fantastic work boots and shoes but I think they finally went out of business, the company was originally based in New England and it was called Knapp Shoes, they were all my dad would ever buy and I started wearing them at work back in the...
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    Fadal Tool Changer Air Cylinder

    My tool changer hits harder than I prefer at both ends of it's stroke, the tool changer works fine but the air cylinder has adjustable cushions at each end which are just a screw that can be adjusted to bring the cylinder to a much more gentle collision with it's end of travel, but on my machine...
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    2006 Fadal 3016 Fanuc 18i Control

    The light is not on, it never comes on, I was thinking there might be a way to have the beeper, the light or both if you want them but probably an easy means of disabling them when you don't want them. Thanks, Don
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    2006 Fadal 3016 Fanuc 18i Control

    It has never been on since I've owned it, my programs all end with M30 but I get no beeper and no light. Thanks, Don
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    GibbsCam Importing and Exporting newer and Older versions of SLDPRT, DXF ect. files

    I seem to remember being able to tell my GibbsCam what version of a particular file I wanted it to Export for circumventing older software compatibility issues, but I was trying today and wasted a lot of time trying to find where I had been able to do it before, but had no luck. If anyone can...
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    New Lexan Polycarbonate window cracking ?

    I'm familiar with Sika sealant , good stuff. Thanks
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    New Lexan Polycarbonate window cracking ?

    No the window is brand new, and it already looks like hell. I'm using Blaser Synergy 735, I like the coolant because it is perfectly clear and doesn't stink like some coolants do. My front door window is original equipment and still looks great, it's not being affected by the coolant so maybe...