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    Anodizing- Bringing it in house?

    I run a plating and machine shop. Highly regulated. It's doable, but you better know what you're getting into. EPA doesn't mess around. Feel free to message me with some more details and I'll answer any questions I can.
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    Is there a good alternative to Quickbooks for small shops?

    We've had the same problem with JobBoss, which is why we're in the process of switching now.
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    Xometry-Who is doing it?

    At this point, I'm fairly confident I'm going to open PM to read the forums with my morning coffee like most days, only to find this guy has posted a d!ck pic with a message "Post your d!ck pic and compare it to mine, clearly I'm doing something right........................." Is there usually...
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    Software for organizing assembly parts etc

    We store all of our prints and assembly files on a central server using a simple folder system. A few years ago we began using Office 365 for email, which comes with online SharePoint access for everyone with an email address. We set up a list in SharePoint that displays important information...
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    Financials - What is Normal?

    This is the best source I've found: Annual Statement Studies They're organized by NAICS code and each report has responses from companies with different revenue ranges, so you can benchmark to businesses with similar top line sales. I have some old reports (from around 2010) I could show you...
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    Help with GOV contracting.

    I think the same thing about all you DOD widget makers. To each their own. HM/LV work for DOE & DOT is more suited to our capabilities and expertise.
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    Help with GOV contracting.

    Not ALL government work is dod work.
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    ERP show down. Jobboss or E2. Current feelings on both?

    We built a custom MS Access database in-house probably 20 years ago. Our bookkeeper taught herself Access DB development and created it. Unfortunately, she has not maintained that skill set and lost the knowledge in the meantime. That's why we're out looking for a vendor to help. They're...
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    ERP show down. Jobboss or E2. Current feelings on both?

    We just started the process of working with a local software developer to help integrate our custom quoting program into the JobBOSS workflow. We're defining goals & scope of work now, so not sure yet how they will compare to JobBOSS. After the experience we had with the JobBOSS implementation...
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    ERP show down. Jobboss or E2. Current feelings on both?

    Long time lurker. We just went live with JobBOSS on July 1. For the previous ~20 years we used Global Shop. I've spent the past 2 years identifying various options, whittling them down to a final few, going through demos, negotiating price & terms, selecting JobBOSS, then handling the...