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    TUM35 Lathe

    I just picked up a TUM-35 myself. I ran this exact machine almost 30 years ago. Mine has the collet attachment ,taper attachment complete set of chance gears , steady and follower rest and the best part is a turret tailstock. If anyone has pictures of all the aluminum plates i have a buddy with...
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    Polamco TUM-35

    Good morning all i will be picking up a polamco tum-35 this week and all the data plates are unreadable. I know this has been discussed in another post but it was year's ago. Does anyone have decent photos of the data plates ? I have a buddy with a lazer engraver that can make new plates out of...
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    Enco 100-1588 repair

    I have this exact model # mill. I was having problems changing speeds the lower shive was binding on the splined motor shaft. I ordered a new splined shaft and brass bushing for the shive. (No plastic parts on mine) I talked and showed a local old guy that repairs Bridgeport heads the parts i...