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    Need advice - Bad fire damage

    Stuff like the tool holders toss it in a bucket of oil and keep it don’t treat them as part of the machine you want to exclude as much tooling and such as possible the more clean and keep it you can do the better, the less of a buggering you will get
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    OT: Building collapse in Iowa, causes?

    Lack of proper maintenance the taller and older the building the more important it is around here we periodically test em by giving em a really good shake
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    Need a Tig welder near Austin that knows what he is doing

    Bolt and bolt Handel no problem any one can work on it the receiver well shop needs to have a ffl. there is the you stay on site while it is worked on and take it with you when you leave the site loop hole. then there is the real world non ffl shops won’t touch gun work not worth the...
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    How possible to ship machine from UK to US?

    a quick net search about $1300 from London to Baltimore Freightos
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    counterfit dial indicators being made?

    Yup Mitutoyo had a plant or what ever you would call it in City of Industry My 8 inch dial calipers had said assembled in USA City of Industry, CA still use em for quick and dirty jobs that don’t require perfection.
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    B&S micro master parts

    Are any of the parts on a Micromaster 618 hydraulic that are made of unobtanium? it’s time for the one taking up valuable floor space to go, hasn’t been run in years and it never was in great shape to begin with, so it’s headed to the scraper. but thought would save any easy to remove stuff that...
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    Diy black powder

    Needs to be done wet grain size is important unless you want to blow stuff up that’s why you have the different grades, the larger the grain size the slower the burn if you load your cannon with ffff good chance it will be a bomb put f cannon powder in your flash pan and it might not even light...
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    price of a container drops 80%

    Yeah the big container ships owners are crying they don’t have a license to print money anymore. the china imports are down some One thing that has happened to Port of LA, is they ship to Mexico and put it on a truck
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    Does Anyone Here Do Signs? Aluminum Backing Vinyl Lettering

    You could try the guys who make name stick ons for boats it’s vinyl and last for years order some aluminum sheet from online metals cut it to right size with skill saw or a track saw if you have one. paint it white then stick the letters on. I cut .125 aluminum with my makita track saw all the...
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    Tungsten spitting ac aluminum

    i run a dynasty 280 never had any splitting problem with the purple 2 things happen with the inverters you turn the frequency way up, and it’s a square wave not a sine wave. One thing I don’t do is break the tungsten I cut it with diamond wheel.
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    Tungsten spitting ac aluminum

    Same here I use the purple stuff and a sharpe point
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    Visibility of the puddle Tig Al vs Tig SS

    No brained that it will appear brighter when welding aluminum You are pushing more amps to get your puddle
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    Just had way too close of call on the DP

    Isn’t that the way things go sometimes you get a little brain fart when it’s cold or you are tired
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    sealed VS open ball bearing inside an engine?

    Transmission and crankcase very different environments trans case isn’t mostly oil mist like crankcase. the faster it turns the more oil mist there is main reason to run dry sump for some application. now some bearings in the trans may not get good splash lube so a sealed bearing would improve...
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    Are Colt police positive barrels "timed" to the frame?

    Eh not really that rare pitted barrel or new barrel probably a toss up value wise depends if the barrel is serialized or not. Worst case you have to make a minor adjustment. they were mass produced so … what changes were made in the long production run. so maybe
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    Bridgeport#1 boring head

    How complete is that kit? on the surface it’s interesting. see when you ask the right question you get a better answer. want to build a ball turning attachment ask about that
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    OT: manual book binding options

    In the old days they printed the manuals on a heavier paper, and had holes for a binder or hard cove bolts. heavy pages but always a paper back, the flexible glued ones hold up well the ones that they used a hard glue on tend to lose pages like the newer cheap car repair books like Haynes Larry...
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    OT: manual book binding options

    The old style hard manual/ parts book binders might be able to get em from cat or John deer dealers basically 3 ring binder holes with bolts instead of rings. or look at how a paperback book is done, line eveything up and hot glue the spine. like eKretz. actual proper book binding would be cost...
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    Bridgeport#1 boring head

    Not sure why you wouldn’t just buy a boring head. but yes set screws hold it once you have it adjusted. never build what you can buy at a reasonable price any you can get a import knock off fairly cheap
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    Engine block repair help

    high temperature epoxy With powdered steel mixed in. it is plenty strong. both devcon and locktite make a suitable product, just be sitting down when you see the price. good and clean use acetone. and don’t make a huge blob that stuff is tough hard to sand or file, more like mild steel then bondo.