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    Nx + Hypermill or only Nx

    I have a request for all the folks who are unhappy with their VAR, I would ask that you name the VAR. If you are happy with your VAR let the community know why, is it responsiveness, technical capabilities, etc... When I was researching NX this was the single reason I was hesitant about making...
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    Featurecam heidenhain tool radius compensation

    Part line programming option in the settings tab. Partline programming is a particular kind of cutter compensation for milled features. If enabled, the actual drawing dimensions of the feature are output as the toolpath instead of the center line of the tool. If Cutter compensation is not...
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    Esprit fail or victim of their success?

    I would be interested to know what system you decided on and the type of work you perform.
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    Remove spaces from featurecam post

    Search Google for "featurecam xbuild reference manual" should give you all the information you need to adjust your code so it posts correctly.
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Thanks for sharing your use case and your time. We are in very similar situations, we also develop our own products and provide design engineering and manufacturing support to our customers. I've used a variety of CAD/CAM tools over the years so the NX learning curve doesn't scare me too much...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Thanks for the input on Esprit support. I would like to hear more from others regarding their NX VARs. What is your opinion of the CAD functions in Esprit?
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    We are running SolidWorks currently and have a ton of legacy data which makes it hard to justify switching. However, it is the exact reason I'm in this situation currently. Had I started with NX CAD years ago I would not be entertaining ESPRIT as an option because the work flow would justify...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Not to many programmers in the islands, even fewer to none with experience on either system. Anyone looking to relocate, looking for a journeyman level machinist to join our team. Must have experience with NX or ESPRIT...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    This is one of the things I really like about NX, the post editing ability. While it's great that ESPRIT has proven posts, there are situations where you may need to copy your dialed in post and make a specific change for one job to make it work. You may never need that specific format again...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Thanks for your input. I am worried about my employees ability to run with it, I certainly do not want to make things harder than they should be for my guys. The reality is it takes a lot of investment to learn any system and the upfront cost of the system is nothing compared to the hours...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Thanks for the input, I am very interested in the speed at which we can develop programs. Automation via templates or strategies would be very important for us, we have spent a fair amount of time dialing in this exact thing with our current system. Machine simulation is also important when we...
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    New Cam Software NX or Esprit

    Greetings All, I am a shop owner/user looking for input from actual users of either NX or Esprit that program and run 3+2 and 5 axis simultaneous, verticals with 4th axis, and lathes with live C axis, swiss style with or without B axis. I am not interested in other CAM providers at this time, I...