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    Haimer vs Tschorn 3d Tasters

    This is incredibly helpful, thank you. I know a few people that have required repairs and ended up just buying another because all that was a pain in the ass with Haimer. I have seen these in Germany before and always wondered about them. I think I will go with theirs. Do you know who their US...
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    1980 Deckel FP3 for sale

    A friend has one in Denmark and they are incredible machines. I like it much more than my Bridgeport. The machine is much smaller but much sturdier. The work envelope is fairly large and it is so versatile, you can pretty much clamp anything on to this thing to machine it. But the rigidity...
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    Giant Lathe

    I used to work in a compay inside the Westinghouse factory in Roud Rock, TX and I used to go watch a friend run those huge lathes. They would turn hugedgenerator shafts for tankers and navy ships. That thing would take off half an inch in the roughing pass. It was unreal. The cutter would just...
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    Crescent Pliers

    Have you tried Ebay?? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Tongue-and-Groove-Channellock-Plier-Crescent-10_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247QQcategoryZ35625QQihZ008QQitemZ180125111743QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
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    How are drill bits made?

    Funny that you ask that question, I was just watching this video. Might answer your quetions. http://quicksilverscreen.com/watch?video=14721
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    Bridgeport 1.5 HP Mill

    OK, here is the questions for you master machinist and others, too. I am planning on buying a 1.5 HP Bridgeport with a 3phase motor on it. I have a Dayton 1.5 HP DC motor that I am thinking of putting on it. I got it on Craigslist for 80 bucks brand new, the guy had no clue what it was worth...
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    Boomerang Shaped Grind Marks On Bridgeport Ways

    I have ALWAYS wondered how they get those boomerang marks on the ways on Bridgeports. Nothing looks prettier than the ways of a brand new Bridgeport. If anyone could educate me on this, it would clear up something I have been wondering for years.
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    Mill's with VFD's, torque problem?

    As far as the RPMs go, why dont you get an inexpensive surface mount tach. I like this one from SenDec. Its real compact mounts easily. http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_200322901_200322901 And with drilling the big holes, why dont just drill small and step up...
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    sony LH30-2 dro (craigslist)

    Yeah, DRO's go through a lot of abuse if not taken care of correctly. Oil, coolant, swarf, vibration, dings. Also the controller goes though a lot. Worn buttons, proper pryor installation and use. They are so delicate and easy to break when installing and uninstalling if not done right. I am...
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    Hand tool question: High quality hacksaw?

    Lennox all the way, hands down in my book. I bought mine at an electrician supply store and have not looked back. Lennox blades are the best I have used, they just last so so long. The hack saw body has a cast handle and front with a square top tube which makes it incredibly rigid. The grip is...
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    how to remove tarnish from brass parts?

    Brasso works great but you have to rub it in, let it dry and then buff it out.
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    Centre finder for milling operation

    I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use the collet. My cousing, who tought, he would freak out if he saw me using the drill chuck and it just stuck in my head getting yelled at. He is so passive and there a very few things that pissed him off, this was one of them.
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    Baileigh Cold Saws

    I wish I had the disposable income right now to get a cold saw. They are so nice for cutting tubing especially very thin walled stuff. Its funny how I was just on that website a few hours ago looking at the tube bender.
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    SawMaster Power HackSaw

    Actually, yes. It might really help if I had the width of th springs and the thickness of the actual spring wire stock of both. There is a fastener place in town that carries a large selection of springs, just need a little more specifics.
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    Is an Anodized Chip A Clean Chip

    I agree that it should not be a big deal.The layer of ano is so thin that I dont see it making more of a difference that any coolant that gets in the chips. I have measured an anodized part right before anodizing and after and it didnt even show on the calipers. Its obvious that the scrap guy...
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    Slitting saw runnout..?

    Another design I was kicking around was to combine a couple of small boring heads so that thee slide perpendicular to each other with the slotting arbor mounted on the end so that it can be precisely centered.
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    Slitting saw runnout..?

    I have found the same results with saw arbors. Pretty much the only way to make one concentric or close to it is to make one yourself and have the saw fit as snug as possible. last one I made, I took the slightest bit off per pass and tried the saw on until it went on with an extremely tight...
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    Tandem compressors - good idea?

    I agree with wippin' boy. I keep 2 compressors in my garage. Good thing cause the motor on one of them crapped out last week. I simply umplugged it and plugged the other and back to work. Took a whole minute to do so.
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    OT- the little condescending names

    Where I work, we are BRUTAL with each other. We call each other the worst names we can think of. Homophobic to racial, you name it. Pretty funny, actually. We are all trying to see if we can actually anger each other. Years later, hasnt happened yet. We figure that we spend more time around each...
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    SawMaster Power HackSaw

    Just mail me your address if you want and I will send those Ratchkeys to you tomorrow.I love these, cant believe I went this long without them. My email is [email protected] Leo