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    Matsuura MX-330 vs DMG MORI CMX 50U vs ?

    The Multus is approximately 30% less expensive than the DMG MORI, and service and support is much better through Hartwig here in Denver. The last thing I need is a great machine that doesn't run because the repair tech is months behind! DMG MORI machines are amazing, but they really do nickel...
  2. J

    Matsuura MX-330 vs DMG MORI CMX 50U vs ?

    We will do everything. Machined from bar stock with a collet chuck, dovetail fixturing, 3 and 4 jaw chucking.
  3. J

    Matsuura MX-330 vs DMG MORI CMX 50U vs ?

    After much deliberation, we're ordering an Okuma Multus B250II with barfeeder and robot loader. The work envelope is impressive, and we can run our lathe and mill parts unattended on the same machine.
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    Matsuura MX-330 vs DMG MORI CMX 50U vs ?

    We're planning to purchase a 5-axis machining center with an integrated 10+ pallet system this year. We have a quote for the CMX 50U with 10 pallets for $450k, the DMU50 with 20 pallets for $850k, and several horizontals that we have eliminated from our search. We had quoted an MX-330 four...
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    New DMG ecoMill = Mori DuraVertical

    Interesting point. It seems on some DMG machines, the pricing is getting better as is the quality. Yet on other machines, pricing is going up from my last quotes due to the Yen exchange rate. Either way, it seems Triad is less likely to hard sell me on a machine now that DMG owns the shop. In...
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    WTB: 4th Rotary Axis - Hurco

    I'm in the market for a 4th Rotary Axis that will install on a 2010 Hurco VM20. I will consider anything (6" or larger) that will run full 4th or indexing only. I already have a quote for a 4th axis card to run full 4th from my Hurco dealer. And my machine is pre-wired for an indexer. I will not...
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    Yes, you can remove the hard drive and pack it in bubble wrap to prevent damage. It is very easy to remove. Just open up the back of the computer and take out the mount that holds the drive. Be sure to ground yourself before touching anything.
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    Congrats on your move to Denver. Troy, Rob, Rick and Steve have been great to work with purchasing my Hurco. And despite all the weird problems, I don't blame then in any way. I truly believe the manufacturer should be accountable when software and control issues come up as their name is on...
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    The Hurco has now been repaired twice since my last update. The first time, the tech replaced the hard drive and everything worked perfect, for one day. On day two after the repair, the control did not boot from the hard disk. He came out to take a look thinking the battery had died on the...
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    Thanks for the suggestions. This is the 7th cnc machine I've purchased so I'm not completely new to this and I have done all of these things on other machines in the past. What has had me confused is how I can call out the repair tech 4 different times and still have issues. By the way, I make...
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    Thanks for the quick response. I will dig deeper into a potential memory problem. The tech is a great guy and does seem very knowledgeable so I will give him a second chance, but 2 months is just too long.
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    This used machine was running perfectly fine on the floor of the previous machine shop. I walked in unannounced and witnessed it running just fine a month before it was delivered. I'm blaming Hurco because I bought it from a Hurco dealer who has not repaired it. Service is service. If one of my...
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    2010 HURCO VM20 - numerous problems!

    I have admired Hurco in recent years as they have truly offered great solutions to manufacturing problems. So when my 2000 Lagun VMC3516 finally had too many problems, I sold it and started shopping for a new Hurco. The local Hurco dealer offered me a 2010 VM20 that had just come in on trade at...
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    The "fix your Maho" thread

    Siemens 828D price Does anyone have a quote for the 828D control hardware? And the cost to have it installed? Or even a guess? I'm seriously considering the 828D for my 2000 Lagun VMC 3516. I contacted Siemens, but the response was that the engineer is on vacation for the next week. I'm just...
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    Makino F3 vs V33i

    I'm considering the purchase of a new Makino vertical. Ideally, I need the best surface finish in brass, aluminum and stainless in thin wall 3D contoured parts. I would like to eliminate hand finishing altogether and can only justify this purchase if this is possible. The majority of my parts...
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    I believe Henry runs four of the 400's daily... Henry Repeating Arms | Fine Rifles Made in America and Priced Right
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    Ignore the man behind the curtain! - Hoff Online Auctions

    I have bid and won hundreds of items from Hoff with no problems whatsoever. The prices I have paid for very valuable machines, tools and tooling has been around 1 to 14 cents on the dollar. I sincerely have no complaints and nothing but praise for Hoff auctions. Complain all you want, but from...
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    Pierson Workholding

    I have a pallet system I made myself as well as the original pallet system by Mitee-Bite, but will soon move to the Pierson Speed pallets this summer.
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    WTB: GT27, GT32, OmniTurn, Prodigy

    I'm in the market for a good condition, used gang turning center. I will consider anything that gets the job done...similar to the CMS GT27, Ganesh GT32, Prodigy or OmniTurn machines. I'd prefer full C-axis and the 8055T control, but not necessary. I'm in Minneapolis and will travel anywhere...
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    Big files in an old haas

    I bought one of these on ebay and it doesn't work. Didn't include instructions or software. Does anyone have experience with the usb floppy emulators? Any tips would be appreciated... Thanks, Jason