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    Large quantity lathe rfq

    Well...we have Citizen Swiss machines, we will be quoting this job. We can get 8000-9000 holes in 304 with coolant through drills. Just sayin'
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    RFQ: Simple Tube Cutting Project (Real Simple, Advice Wanted)

    Well...I won't turn on a machine in my shop for $100, just sayin'. Tube service has a laser cutting service, you can buy the tubing from them cut to any size or shape you want. Probably not for $100 though.
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    Phillips Head Question on CNC Swiss Screw Machine

    In short, no. There is nothing I have seen yet that will allow a Swiss machine to do a standard Phillips head per the standard. You can fake it and maybe get close, but its really not worth the effort IMO.
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    how do I program Citizen L20 to use sub as support?

    Things that are going to make a difference: L5-20, L7-20, Evolution? left or right hand cut-off? G650 is what you need, G620 allows you to drill with the 21,22, & 23 tools while you turn with the main. either of these will cancel a G50 w-XX shift, although you can G50 while the sub is on the part.
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    Hello there! We are a Swiss Contract Machine shop in Tucson Arizona. We would be interested in...

    Hello there! We are a Swiss Contract Machine shop in Tucson Arizona. We would be interested in taking a look at your 5-40 custom screws! [email protected] www.atmswiss.com Thanks
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    Help with a Citizen C16 type 9.Excessive speed deviation alarm on sub spindle.

    There are a few things that can cause this on the sub in these machines. Encoder on the motor is a major thing, I like checking the minor things first. If there is a cover over the sub spindle collet cap, make sure there are no chips built up on the cap itself. If ships build up between the cap...
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    Looking for a used Royal mist collector

    We have a very nice used FX275 with a replacement filter set if you are interested. [email protected]
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    Need suggestions for a Swiss lathe.

    If you get an old, rusty, worn out Swiss Lathe, there is a 50-50 chance your boss will never buy another one, and he will get pissed at you because you can't get it to work. I would look at a used machine with low hours, if a new one is out of the question. I have 6 Citizens and I love them all...
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    Citizen code help.

    G650 is to pick off the part, or run the part supported by the sub. G610 is used to drill with the ID tools on the ram........so what else do you need to know?
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    Cutting 2-56 threads ??

    We cut and form threads this small and smaller all the time. Of course we are a Swiss shop. Would you consider using a dump truck to mow your lawn?
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    Swiss Machine Programming and Codes

    Hmmm....so you have never run a Swiss machine before, and you just got a job running one? You don't have to know the codes to operate one? Thsi should prove interesting, what kind of machine?
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    GE Budweiser commercial & calipers

    Micrometers would be my instrument of choice, I think. Although most people out in the world would not know what the heck he was doing..............
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    Iscar - Out Of Stock

    We are big Iscar fans as well. Our vendor keeps a stock, and we also keep stock on the items we use all the time, so no delivery problems here.
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    Swiss screw machines, bushing or no bushing

    WAY back, in the dark ages when I used to run cam machines, we would run them without the guide bushings for short stainless parts, and they worked out pretty well. I couldn't imagine doing it now, the conversion time seems like it would add way too much to the set-up IMO.
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    Help with iscar insert selection?!?

    We use the DGN style in an IC808 grade and we cut everything with it, and I mean everything. We have been doing a lot of small orders lately, and I found I just leave cutoff in the machine, and use it for whatever the material is.
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    Threading class help

    I really believe most people don't really understand threads, and really think they do. I remember asking a tool maker once what the OD of a 1/4-20 2A thread was....his answer was 1/4" which is wrong. There is a size range of what it supposed to be and itrs under 1/4". It seems like a little...
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    cycle time for Swiss turning?

    I can't agree more with what PixMan has already said. We are making a screw just about like that right now, is a 1000 piece run, 2-56 thread that has to be full thread to within .020 of the head. The thread length is .380, and hex head. We use the Haebeggar roll die, a .020 groove tool after its...
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    Recommendations on smaller ID/OD grooving and threading tools

    We have been using the ISCAR PICCO line for years, and they just keep getting better. I can swap out the tool and be within .0005" of the last one.
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    I have owned two of them for about ten years, what do you want to know?
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    .033 drill with through coolant

    I have drilled some pretty small holes with these drills. The smallest was around .036". Our HP systems do about 1500 psi, and yes the coolant will make it through the holes, as long as you have a good sealing system. We use Rego-Fix coolant through holders and discs. If you follow Mitsubishis'...