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    10K tailstock felts

    I purchased felt material from McMaster Carr and copied the old ones.
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    DPS (Digital Phase Shifter) on Amazon

    I installed one for a 10hp air compressor. It works fine. The manufacturer in Korea was very helpful with questions I had. I wanted to make sure that I purchased the correct unit for my application. A little bit of a language barrier in the emails but it all worked out.
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    USPS losing lots of packages.

    I have a first class package which was shipped on 12/03/20. It has been MIA since 12/07/20. It got lost in Garden City, NY. I just ordered a Wilton vise (60 pounds) that is coming via USPS Priority Mail. I just know it will arrive damaged One time I was slow on the draw to meet the postal...
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    Are Swagelok tubing benders worth the money?

    The Swagelok benders are much better at bending heavier wall stainless steel tubing in my opinion.
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    +/-.0001 Dia Hole in Titanium giving me trouble

    Why not ask the customer what the hole is for? If nothing else it would confirm/explain the need for the tight tolerance.
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    What would be the best kind of machine for this sort of work?

    I worked in a shop that did VW engine machine work in the 1980s. Like metalhacker posted the tool we used to line bore the cases centered on the front and back of the case. It was driven with a slow speed drill. A hydraulic feature controlled the rate of feed. The cutters would machine all of...
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    Hand Cleaner Brands

    +1 for the Stoko Kresto.
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    Fanuc Oi Mate MB Clearing Metric Units

    "Parameter 1001.0 INM sets increments to inch or metric. If you change 1001.0 you have to power cycle the machine." Thanks, jancollc. This is the answer I was looking for.
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    Fanuc Oi Mate MB Clearing Metric Units

    The program had the G20 in it. The readout on the machine was reading to 4 decimal places in inch. The program ran slowly with small movements like 2mm instead of 2 inches.
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    Fanuc Oi Mate MB Clearing Metric Units

    I normally work in inches. In CAM the units were inadvertently set to metric. I sent this file to the control. As expected the program ran in metric. The control input units are set to inch but when I send a file programmed in inches the machine still moves slowly, as if in metric. Is there a...
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    Manual Pulse Generator Replacement

    I need a replacement manual pulse generator for a 2004, 3-axis, Sharp SV2412. Sharp said it is out of stock with a 2 to 3 week lead time. A google search of the manufacturer's (Future Technology Co. Ltd.) model number doesn't yield an exact match. Can anyone recommend a source for this?
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    What attachment is this?

    Comes in handy for milling a rectangular profile with fillets like for an o-ring groove.
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    Best way to cut round duct holes in machine enclosure?

    How about cutting a square hole on the cabinet and then making a slightly larger square sub-plate with a round hole for the duct?
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    Haimer vs Tschorn 3d Tasters

    I have a digital Haimer. Very nice to use. +1 on the spare tips, just in case.
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    Enerpac hydraulic pump modification

    Per Enerpac "PUD-1100B/E and PUD-1101B/E Models The PUD-1100B/E and PUD-1101B/E operate single-acting cylinders where the hold function is not necessary. Pressing the pendant switch starts the motor and advances the cylinder. When the switch is released, the cylinder will retract."
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    Enerpac hydraulic pump modification

    I have an Enerpac PUD-1100B electric hydraulic pump. This is an economy model does not have a hold feature. It does have an electric solenoid dump valve. A momentary switch runs the pump which advances a single acting cylinder. Releasing this switch opens the solenoid valve which dumps the fluid...
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    Welding helmet magnifiers

    I worked with my optometrist to make a pair of reading glasses just for welding. I took my welding helmet with the cheater lens to her office to work out the best focal distance. We used different sized fonts to simulate the welding bead sizes. The other thing I do to make it easier to see the...
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    Stripping Powder Coat Any good ideas?

    I've used the aircraft paint remover before on powder coat. On your flat surfaces it should work well. Alternatively, wet sand blasting will easily remove it without the heat.