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    vibratory finnishing question

    The smooth, dull finish is what you need. When you anodize, you have to make sure you have no scratches or imperfections. Anodizing will make them really stand out, so you need a very smooth surface. The dull shinny finish, should look like a brand new aluminum intake for your car. Adding a...
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    Welding Table design..

    If you need to bolt it in place, just drill holes in the bottom plate and bolt it to your foundation. AccuBrass.com
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    Welding Table design..

    To level your table, I use a 4" tall piece of pipe that slip fits around the bottom of your leg. I weld a flat plate to the bottom of it. If It's going to sit in the same spot and never need to be leveled again, I level the table and weld the leveling boot in place. If it's going to need to be...
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    selfcentering arms

    In the pipe making industry, they use "V" rollers on their conveyors and their kicker arms have a "V" notch in them. The "V" profile always keeps the different diameter pipe centered. Here's a short video that shows exactly what I'm talking about - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obbB13w_-ns...