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    The DX-32 control was my first. It was the last control in production designed around floor-level programming. It is capable of nearly anything. It is easy for easy stuff, but requires a bit of work for more advanced stuff, even bolt circles require getting used to. By comparison, modern...
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    I gotta gripe. I am sick of Bobcad.

    I could have rolled that bac in 30seconds had I thought of it.
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    I gotta gripe. I am sick of Bobcad.

    Oh yeah, and " Nice Lady" steered me wrong. It was an windows update that blew it all out. Thanks for nothing.....
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    I gotta gripe. I am sick of Bobcad.

    Look. I have V32. And several other older versions. It went tit's up about 3 weeks ago. I called Bobcad, and they told me it was no longer supported. The nice lady told me to un-install and re-install. So, I did. But then, I couldn't find my unlock codes and all that.. I called...
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    Fadal 4020 reviving rigid tapping capabilities but running into spindle overload.

    Well, I have as yet to run the test to dial in my rigid tapping, but on mine, my gain is set to 57 and ramp is 100 Close, but not correct. But, I am using T&C tapping holders, so I haven't got to the tune up, no issue. Mark
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    Fadal 88HS 4020 Startup Problem

    Well, the e-stop circuit is a long and winding road. I just about had it committed to memory as I resurrected mine from military liquidation. They dumped the machine because they could not figure out how to fix it. They also shredded all the boards, so I had to purchase a new set. So, I...
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    Looking for good Fusion 360 posts for a Brother Speedio

    Dave; Can I swipe the Haas probing cycles and shove them into the Fadal HS-88 control??? They are far more elegant than what is in my Fadal. I have the Haas TM-2 and find the probing cycles very practical and easy to work with. Thanks! Mark
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    Moves not in the program causing problems. How do I stop them?

    My Fadal has never made a single move it was not commanded to do.
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    How to Spend $43k on CNC Mill & Lathe Tooling

    0 I have a deal for you! Mark
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    What tools should I cary on me, while CNC machining?

    I'd have to see the job description. I had a CNC Machinist apply here, 20 years under his belt in Detroit. I quizzed him on multi repetitive cycles and some other stuff.. He said that all came from upstairs. Parts Changing monkey. You may need nothing. He was of no value to me at all.
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    Sinterit NILS 480 Anybody got one?

    I have no idea what they cost. But they look pretty good
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    Coolant foaming bad

    Blaser Swisslube 755 B and the hell with it all.
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    TM1 Coolant Improvement

    There's a lot I could do. This works. I have other fish to fry.
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    TM1 Coolant Improvement

    I spent a lot of time on it. I did a lot of testing to try to find a trigger signal, it is not making one. Yes, there is coolant marked points, but they are not active. Been a few months, can't remember. It seems to me I took it up with Haas as well.
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    Fadal vmc15 alternatives?

    Tormach is consumer grade. I know they aren't all bad. I wouldn't allow one in my shop.
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    TM1 Coolant Improvement

    I just use a $125 sump pump. added a cam roller follower switch so she quits pumping coolant at about 10" off the table. I added P-cool and really like it, but my TM-2 will not honor M7, M8 or M9. there is not solenoid or trigger signal source. It does not exist. Oh yeah, and for a sump, I...
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    filtering air for plasma?

    Get the best water separator you can find. If nothing else, a 20' vertical chunk of pipe with a bottom tap. The water ruins the plasma cutter electrodes. It makes a heck of a difference.
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    Oil in coolant

    Hydrocvlear everything. Vactra is one step short of roofing tar. I am thinking the Delrin chip is carrying off the oil, I do not know for sure. I never have tramp oil at all.
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    Digital Scanner for picking up 2D Profiles?

    Average, probably 6" x 24" Up from there.
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    Touch Screen PC on Fadal

    I am using Shoplink. Beaming in the programs. Jerry is GREAT!!!