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    Threadmill basics needed

    I haven't used a threadmill yet but have a project involving a good number of external threads, mostly 1/4-20, some 5/16. I want to buy a single point threadmill that will also do 10-32 internal in the future. I have no problem programming the toolpaths, but need to understand the F&S. First...
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    CNC Prototyping Mill

    I recently attended the Cabin Fever show and saw the Novakon Torus mill being demo'ed. It's a bench mill with a 3HP servo spindle (R8). Bigger table and envelope than a Tormach and in the same price range. Has rigid tapping and used the same quick-change tool holders as Tormach. It currently...
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    Lathe very small parts, how to?!

    Aside from the historic monuments, two "nerdish" places I enjoyed in Lisbon were the Electricity Museum (decommissioned electric generating plant) and the Sewer Museum (19th century water treatment).
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    Engraving on a 3 axis + C, how?!

    If you are looking for a cheap solution, look at CNCWrapper, a $25 download. You need to remove the arcs in the g-code by having the CAM program substitute small G1 moves for any G2/G3. The CNCWrapper will input the g-code from the CAM program and output g-code with rotary axis moves.
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    Tooling for making lots of slots in 6061?

    The slot plus space is .25, so 26 slots has a total width of 6.5", plus the 4" of stickout. Even with doing only a few slots per pass, you still need the full reach to get to the bottom slots. If the part can be turned over in its fixture then the tool length could be reduced by 3" or so. One...
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    Chinese CNC lathe

    Novakon has a $10k CNC lathe out now. NL-150 | Novakon
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    Used Kurt D675 AngLock Vise

    I have bought two of these in the past couple of years. One was fairly beat up, and I paid $175, but it refurbed nicely with some surface grinder time. Second was at an auction and got it for $225. It was unblemished.
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    Aciera F1 NC to CNC

    Most people make a wobbler as their first engine model. Small number of simple parts and no big deal if you need to remake some.
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    10EE doesn't like to stop nicely

    Contactor is a replacement unit of some sort. Shop is heated.
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    10EE doesn't like to stop nicely

    Checked on it today. Both switches operate as they should as checked by the VOM. Nothing obvious on the motor starter either, but at least it's back to prior behavior (when I turn off the RPC I hear the "click" as the the MS disengages).
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    10EE doesn't like to stop nicely

    1942 motor generator lathe that has beeen working nicely for me for the past 4 years. A few months ago the "Stop" pushbutton failed to stop the MG, but I could just turn off the RPC. That still works, but last time out when I turned the RPC back on the MG started immediately without my...
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    CNC in 1952?

    I also used the two machines you mention. The sorter had 10 bins, and you selected the column to sort on, fed the deck, and got ten separate piles. Then you put them together and sorted on the next column. Of course most programs didn't have sequence numbers. The other machine was called a...
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    CNC in 1952?

    Some non-machining recollections from the punched card era. I worked my way through university as a programmer 1967-71, with all programs on punched cards. The keypunch machines were quite well-designed machines that fed blank cards and stacked finished ones. They had a "format" card on a...
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    CNC in 1952?

    In the opening chapter of his 1952 novel "Player Piano", Kurt Vonnegut describes a factory where 50 lathes are all simultaneously producing motor shafts. the lathes are controlled by a magnet tape loop which has a record of the motions of a single machinist making a shaft. I was wondering...
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    Programming a barrel cam on a cnc lathe

    I saw a giant version of such a screw being used to cause a coal shuttle to evenly distribute fuel to a moving bed boiler at a power plant.
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    Looking for feedback between Haas Minimill and Haas TM1P

    WRT going from drafting to CAM, I've been using CamBam for the past 3 years. It's an inexpensive program ($150) that's quite easy to learn and use with an extensive user-support forum. I do strictly 2.5D machining in a home shop with a bed mill. My parts are drawn in Draftsight (Autocad...
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    Engraving with ez trak bridgeport

    I use CamBam ($150 CAM program for windows). Takes any installed TrueType font and allows generation of g-code for engraving. Or you can export to DXF.
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    Tips on reaming 440C annealed material

    For my own education, what's the advantage of a spiral reamer vs. straight flutes?
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    Stiffness of jaws on the back of a Kurt vise

    What about fixing a pair of good C-clamps on each jaw?
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    Carbide thread mills fs

    I'd take an assortment