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    Mitutoyo dial caliper depth calibration

    I've had my Mitutoyo 505-626 6" dial caliper for almost 40 years now and just discovered the depth measurement end of the rack cover has gone out of calibration by about.012". In other words, when the jaws are completely closed, the depth measuring end is below flush by about that amount. I have...
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    M Head Repair

    Looking for those ZIP files Looks like the files have disappeared agin. Would you be able to post a new link? Gary
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    Barrel (gunsmithing) Spider for Heavy 10

    Kenny, I am interested in purchasing one of your spiders. I cannot figure out how to reach you, your mailbox here is full...
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    Barrel (gunsmithing) Spider for Heavy 10

    Can someone give me Kenny's contact info? His mailbox is full here at PM. Gary
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    Barrel (gunsmithing) Spider for Heavy 10

    Kenny / Sicero contact info? Can someone tell me how to contact Kenny externally? Seems his mailbox is full on this forum...