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  1. jscpm

    Flexible, powerful benchtop machining setup using a baseplate

    When we use this setup for grinding, we arrange things so that all the dust is removed or entrained in coolant.
  2. jscpm

    Flexible, powerful benchtop machining setup using a baseplate

    I thought the readers here might be interested in seeing a machining setup I constructed recently using a heavy duty optical baseplate. This kind of setup allows me to get a very good power to size ratio. In the configuration shown in the photo below we are grinding a precision bevel on die...
  3. jscpm

    High quality lacquer finishes for metal work?

    Any recommendation for high-quality pigmented lacquer finishes for metalwork? From what I understand the solvent based acrylics are the highest quality option (except for exotic processes like urushi). However, it is hard for me to identify suppliers and tell the difference between what is high...
  4. jscpm

    Recommended materials for dowel pins

    I typically get dowel pins in 4140, but notice that they are commonly available in other materials like M2, 416 and 17-4 PH. Is there any particular reason why I would prefer these other materials?
  5. jscpm

    Laser engraver for metal - how much for a real tool?

    I don't have one, but I carefully considered getting one last year. Here are the important issues: (1) It costs around $5,000 for a pretty good, semi-custom machine with do-it-yourself usability. It costs more like $25,000 for a machine from a big manufacturer with advanced software, customer...
  6. jscpm

    Is it mechanically possible for a Sig Sauer P320 to discharge without the trigger being pulled?

    I notice that Sig Sauer, a manufacturer located near me, is getting sued because people are saying their P320 handgun has a tendency to fire spontaneously--without the trigger being pulled. I am not familiar with the firing mechanism used in such guns, so I am wondering if, from a mechical...
  7. jscpm

    Advice wanted for an apprentice beginning his tool collection

    I think it is funny he has all that crap listed out and there is no file. Here's an idea: throw out all that junk and learn how to (1) make a serviceable file (as opposed to the worthless garbage that you can buy), and (2) use that set of actual working files. If you can do that, you will be...
  8. jscpm

    Soluble cutting fluid hazards

    I have been drinking that stuff for years and I am still alive. How do you define "hazardous"?
  9. jscpm

    Trouble to parting off on a regular lathe

    Yes. Cut it off with a band saw and face it. Problem solved.
  10. jscpm

    O.OT..... Is your lawyer for ya or agin ya?

    The Australians make even the idiots in California look good. I once read the minutes of the Australian parliament. The way that works is that one guy proposes an idea, like building a rabbit-proof fence across the whole breadth of the country, for example, then the other legislators criticize...
  11. jscpm

    Problems brazing steel: joint keeps breaking

    I have a man attempting to braze a steel joint and he is repeatedly failing at it. He has some experience welding but this is his first experience brazing. The joint is two pieces of A36 low carbon steel that are cut from a flat 3/8" thick and 4" wide and are being butt joined at an angle. So...
  12. jscpm

    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    I guess it is to be expected that people living in California would defend their decision to remain there. You can get acclimated to anything I guess. It's like boiling a frog.
  13. jscpm

    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    By "irrelevant" I mean irrelevant for manufacturers or people who want to create a prosperous business. The headwinds any business owner faces in moving there (can't really imagine that) are: 1. An income tax of up to 12.3% which is also applied to all capital gains (highest in the country)...
  14. jscpm

    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    Haas stopped being relevant years ago .... kind of like California where they are located. Who moves to Oxnard, California, anymore? Nobody with a brain. In 1975 everybody wanted to move to California, but what made it great back then was ruined by the poor character of the people who moved in...
  15. jscpm

    OT: Property Damage question... How long should it take to get information or even a police report.

    Comments on this Problem: (1) Police reports are supposed to be public information. Unfortunately, a lot of police are complete assholes who try to keep crime secret from the town. Sounds like you have the second kind of police. (2) The simplest way to get the info you need, which is the...
  16. jscpm

    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    Uh, so because another country has a leader hostile to them, they have the right to invade it??? And I suppose we "provoked" Russia to invade the Crimea in 2013 also? And obviously it was NATO that "provoked" armed Russian-speaking militias in the Donbass and in Transnistria to be rebelling...
  17. jscpm

    Whats is this machine called in English?

    Yeah, in America we call that "advanced European technology". You might ask the British. They actually have some mechanical creativity and skill, so they might have a word for it. In America, if it's not a "lathe" or a "mill" or a "drill", then its a "machine".
  18. jscpm

    Insulation for steel building?

    Don't build a steel building. The rationale for steel buildings ended like 25 years ago. If you add in all the extra labor you have to spend to deal with steel building BS, the cost is way more than just a standard framed building. Insulation is just the beginning of your problems.
  19. jscpm

    Staples lower quality than formerly?

    This is going to sound really paranoid, but are staples lower quality than they used to be? I have recently within the last couple of years had a hard time stapling papers. The staples tend to not penetrate the paper and jam up. I use Swingline "Premium" staples. If this is what they consider...
  20. jscpm

    Robotics/Automation Engineer

    How do I protect against this?