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    QCGB difficult to turn

    It all has to do with mechanical advantage. Easier to spin box in low gear than in high.
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    QCGB difficult to turn

    It is normal. Just make sure all is getting oiled. You oil it and it runs out. Must be oiled every time you use it.
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    Lead screw gear

    That would be the screw gear??
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    9" South Bend Lathe Backgear repair kits available --finally

    I have made a batch of replacement gears (the small one) for a South Bend 9" Backgear. These gears are 24 teeth 14.5PA and 16DP. The last batch I had sold out. The only difference from the last batch and this batch is that they are 4140 vs 1117. I am also selling them for the same price...
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    South Bend Lathe

    Post a pic or two of your machine. I makes things a little easier. How much of an apron do you need? Do you have anything left from the original?
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    Model 9 A

    This forum will help you but we need pictures.
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    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    Aren't there 3 holes for bolts for a puller in the pulley? I believe mine had them.
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    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    The gearbox is not complicated at all. Quite simple. You will see the brass shifter fork that wears. A simple job on a lathe.to make. The only problem is getting it in and out of the machine. It is heavy. With the shifter rods it is a pain to get back in. After you remove the large bottom...
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    Short answer is no. Right now I am in Florida (normally reside in Pa) doing repairs to my...

    Short answer is no. Right now I am in Florida (normally reside in Pa) doing repairs to my winter home that are not storm related. Our house was not impacted at all from the hurricane. I will be back home at the end of October. I will let you know what I have available then. Thanks.
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    headstock spindle change

    Am I reading the OP's statement correctly? His headstock is bad not his spindle? He wants to change out his headstock with a different one and use his spindle. If so he may encounter some alignment problems.
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    Striped finish problem

    I have a 3ph 1/2HP 1725 RPM motor you can have for free. I live in NE Pa also.
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    South Bend 9" Back gear repair kit--For Sale

    You hit the nail on the head. Too much hassle. I supposed to be retired.
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    Southbend 9” model B

    That backgear lived a rough life. That bull gear is a perfect example of running the lathe with a missing tooth on the small gear.
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    South Bend 9" Back gear repair kit--For Sale

    All the kits have been SOLD!!! They literally sold around the world. With price of everything going up I probably will not make anymore. Have a few complete backgear shafts for sale.
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    Southbend 9” model B

    I have a complete backgear or a repair kit for the small gear. Bull gear you will have to source on fleabay. Send me a PM if interested. Post a few pics of what you have.
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    Matheson 8L-350 Regulato FOR SALE

    Any interest??? Just pay $20.00 for the shipping and it's yours!!!
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    Lead screw and bearings--For sale

    Any takers????
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    F/S 9" South Bend Tailstocks

    The spindle, nut and screw are spoken for. The rest of the stuff is still available.
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    F/S 9" South Bend Tailstocks

    Here I have what remains of my tailstocks on the shelf. I am cleaning out and these have to go. Two tailstocks with matching number bases and 1 extra base. There is also a guill and screw that has the nut. All for one money shipped to you which is mostly shipping costs. $40.00 You may have...