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    Pigment Colors for Printing Your Surface

    Prussian blue paint It seems I am always looking for ways to improve visibility. I even tried Forrest's recipe for contrast medium: chrome yellow powder and grease. As long as I can use a thick spread, I'll choose Canode blue, red and yellow to avoid a mess, but I just cannot see it when the...
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    Monarch 10EE options and desirable features

    Larry you did not disclose a particular location so I will assume your search is nation wide. I got a call a week ago from Brett at efficientvelo.com. He has a 10EE for sale in Portland OR. He posts here so you may be able to send him a PM. Otherwise you can send him an email message through...
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    FS: L1 Rubberflex set-up and other shop surplus stuff

    I am still interested in the footstock and parts from the dividing head.
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    A Hendey 9 T&G "wreck"

    I am still curious why you made a gage instead of turning the base of the tailstock into a template. Is it because you may use Moglice on the tailstock slides? What surface did you use for leveling?
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    FS: L1 Rubberflex set-up and other shop surplus stuff

    I'd like to buy the footstock and various pieces from the outside of the dividing head, so I'll wait out the week and see what we can arrange. I happen to have the same dividing head--a Taiwan copy of a Brown and Sharpe.
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    putting longer tips on test indicators

    Here is an illustration of the significance of cosine error when using a dial test indicator: For non-Interapid test indicators measurements are accurate when the contact point is at zero degrees to the surface to be measured, i.e. parallel (for Interapid use 12 degrees). If you measure with...
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    Cylindrical Grinder Motor Vibration

    Brian, I agree with Gary. Items with significant mass far from the axis of ratation can have a tremendous influence on the balance of a rotating assembly. Positioning the axis of rotation within tenths is far less likely to cause a vibration. In my former life I did a lot of balancing of...
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    A Hendey 9 T&G "wreck"

    Thanks for the picture of the tailstock. Now I get the configuration of the ways. I've worked at lighting scraping projects for photos without much success. Diffusing light from directly overhead helped some. Surounding the work with pieces of drywall or a white sheet elimitated the...
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    DSG compound - scraping question

    On my own lathe I didn't have to remove much metal from the top or bottom of the compound so I skipped the alignment checks with the screw and relied on a trial assembly to prove there was no binding. Every case is different and a lot of judgment goes into decisions about where to apply time...
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    DSG compound - scraping question

    Connelly also suggests starting with the swivel way of the cross slide. Then he suggests finishing the compound rest top and using it as a template when scraping the compound rest bottom. You've suggested the opposite because you do not have an angled straight edge to fit the dovetails slides...
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    A Hendey 9 T&G "wreck"

    Pete, I am trying to think through a scraping plan for your lathe bed but I am confused about the configuration of the ways. From the photo I see a flat way, an inverted V-way, a flat way, a gap, a flat way, an inverted V-way, and a flat way. In other words, the ways on both sides of the gap...
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    Cam Lock pins- Rant

    I bought a MT3 test bar from RDG Tools and it arrived quickly via Royal Mail. I do not remember the freight charge but it was low.
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    brand new 1976 Jacobs 56B headstock chuck

    I have the larger 58B, NIB, and would sell if someone wants it.
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    Tailstock quill lapping

    In general laps are made from soft materials so the abrasive will embed in the lap instead of the work. It is called charging the lap. Nevertheless the work should be cleaned well. I use a brush and Dutch Cleanser.
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    Cross slide wear

    Russ, I understand the efficiency of adjusting all carriage alignments before injecting Moglice, but doesn't it imply you have checked, or are willing to assume, that the cross slide will move sufficiently parallel to the cross slide screw to avoid binding? Dave, if you scrape the carriage ways...
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    Cross slide wear

    Uh ohh, I thought I understood how to scrape and align my '66 10EE before I started removing metal. But in this thread I think I am reading advice that challenges what I thought was right. Part of it might be jargon. I try to be strict and use the word "way" when referring to the non-moving...
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    OT- "Lease to buy" new house while waiting on current house to sell, contract ?

    There is a new risk and I wouldn't be buying East Coast waterfront property without trying to look into it. The insurance industry has fully accepted global warming theory and the anticipated consequences which include more frequent storms, more intense storms, and rising sea levels. All risk...
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    How to serrate a table knife ??

    Cooking stories, I love it. I maintain more chef's knives than I need because my wife insists on using a knife once, throwing it in the sink, and then grabbing another. Anyway, the lineup is two 10" Sabatier carbon steel, one forged, one not; an 8" Hiromoto Gyoto carbon steel clad with...
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    Starrett 199 level vial

    I bought a Polish level from MSC 40 years ago and still use it. The centered bubble has always been a half graduation outside the accented lines at each end. This puts the full width of the bubble at the accented lines. But I do not think it matters.
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    How to serrate a table knife ??

    I did one 30 years ago on a small K.O. Lee tool grinder. Simple enough on the straight part of the blade with the form dressed on the wheel. To make the cuts consistent around the curve at the end of the blade I had to re-mount it in a radius fixture.