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  1. jbeech

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    Sounds like you're making very good progress. My 10EE round dial is original and mint but if I were facing what you're facing, I'd be sorely tempted to slip in a modern motor and ditch the existing system. Then again, I'm the guy that takes a nice numbers matching '71 Challenger and update it to...
  2. jbeech

    Selling my 10EE

    And a good price for a serious tool. By the way, it's my opinion a lack of photos will hamper the sale.
  3. jbeech

    10 EE Gearbox and New Motor Adapter Plate

    Wait on what Cal comes up with.
  4. jbeech

    10 EE Gearbox and New Motor Adapter Plate

    Reason to use a more powerful motor is that's a real lathe, not a toy. That you envision hobby use today means nothing about the future. My advice, and only because you asked, is follow the crowd and install a more powerful motor from the get go. As for the shaft sleeve, turn one, instead.
  5. jbeech

    Excessive friction when threading in reverse, but not in forward

    Dunno, but interested in what you learn. Did you make a video of it? Seems that would help.
  6. jbeech

    10EE mounts

    No pictures, it didn't happen! Seriously, model/part numbers would be helpful for him (plus me, and everybody else, meaning the next guy). This may help . . . Vibration-dampening leveling mounts with threaded-stud . . . I selected 1/2"-13, the search can be refined by weight, like 1000lbs...
  7. jbeech

    10EE mounts

    Erik, those casters look great - but - while the idea of moving it is attractive, because I can use my pallet jack and 'just' move it into position solo (despite it really being a two man job), I think Don's rubber isolated leveling feet are a better solution - at least for me. One thing to be...
  8. jbeech

    Monarch model A Lathe?

    Interesting to see what it turns out to be.
  9. jbeech

    Very Cool Monarch Promotional Video - THE TURNING POINT

    Enjoyed watching this, thank you!
  10. jbeech

    Supposedly 10EE Spindle Bearings on eBay...

    Doesn't Monarch sell these?
  11. jbeech

    Supposedly 10EE Spindle Bearings on eBay...

    And take note; they are USED bearings!
  12. jbeech

    10EE accessory: step chuck aka pot chuck

    Good grief, you can't visit this site and not learn something.
  13. jbeech

    Treasure trove archive of lathe documents

    Hi Paul, I'd be glad to help. Anyway, while I didn't put together the archive, I suspect they'd be quite pleased to host digital files of the prints.
  14. jbeech

    Treasure trove archive of lathe documents

    lathe-manuals directory listing Note, there are two groups of documents, those with Monarch (upper case) and monarch (lower case) so look carefully. Unfortunately, nothing for my Wade 8A other than an .stl for a feed shaft collar (you win some, you lose some). Enjoy!
  15. jbeech

    Mitutoyo 505-626 caliper dial divided into two 0-100 arcs within one 360° sweep

    Picked up a set of used Mitutoyo 505-626 calipers calipers off eBay. Yes, I know, seems stupid to pony up $40 when decent new calipers are about $100 but I couldn't help myself as they're a curious item. So the points are in fine nick, the motion is smooth (indicating the rack is clean), and...
  16. jbeech

    1949 Manufacturing Lathe Followed me Home today

    Thank you and thanks for the link!
  17. jbeech

    1949 Manufacturing Lathe Followed me Home today

    Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes it is! The work of a very good friend. When I learned he had decided to list it for sale, I couldn't bear the thought of all his work just going to someone who had no clue of the level of effort involved. This pup was stripped all the way down and lovingly put back...
  18. jbeech

    1949 Manufacturing Lathe Followed me Home today

    Nothing beats a good followed me home story. Most recently, as if I needed another lathe, this Wade 8A.
  19. jbeech

    1000 EE on ebay

    I peeked within this thread due to my overwhelming ignorance and was treated to thermite in rare form with this bit regarding overkill and its virtues . . . "After all, Nagasaki, Japan was remarkably free of substandard structures in violation of electrical building codes by 7 August 1945...