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    Old Microval

    search old posts on PM- there have been several regarding retubing these.
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    Can anyone identify this style of indicator? It is used for align boring. (Starrett)

    Most of those were custom made by the manufacturer of the line bore equipment. Tobin Arp, Berco and Sunnen all made similar indicators that were mounted in the bar support at each end of the block or head during setup and then you aligned to bore to the bar support. Sunnen may still offer...
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    If your current drums are physically ok you might try a different lining. There is a woven lining called Green Gripper that seems to work quite well on old band brakes. https://catalog.rowlandcompany.com/item/friction-materials/woven-brake-lining-materials/4280
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    Kelfy- I would suggest the 65-45-12 Durabar. It has a decent coef. of friction with woven lining and will be much better than the old steel brake drum. You end up with a lot of chips, but in the long run its still cheaper than getting two castings made. I feel your pain, I have an '11...
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    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    Check out Sherwin Williams Dimension brand of single stage urethane- it sprays well and holds up well on machine tools exposed to coolant in my experience. There are SW dealers that are automotive only- not the house paint/ home type paint stores. Nice thing, much of it is VOC compliant if...
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    Power Conditioner Recommendation

    Sola power conditioners were the standard for many years.
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    Gray iron castings

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    Brown & Sharpe screw machine, pickoff and slotting video.

    That's not cutting fluid- that's OIL!
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    Just to keep it simple- the number "400/diameter in inches" will give you roughly 100FPM- easy to do in your head! Then, for mild steel and a HSS tool - 100FPM. for slightly hard stuff (4140 HT) around 50-60FPM. SS and such- 30-50 FPM. This works for turning, drilling, HSS milling cutters...
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    Keyway cutting inline on timed sprockets

    Consider putting a flange on your broach bushing that is larger in diameter than your sprocket od. Then put a pin or pins in the outer edge of the flange that will locate in your sprocket teeth. Its a little more work to do it this way, but if you are making more than one pair of parts, its...
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    Best sealant for interior of CNC machine?

    Sikaflex- most Ace Hardware stores carry it.
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    camshaft grinder

    What will your cams be used for? How do you plan on making your masters?
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    Quarter turn fastener identification?

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    OT: Love or hate floor drains?

    Bob- ha!! my brother rented a shop many years ago with a pit- the pit was filled in with dirt-------wanna guess what the last few feet of dirt what like when we shoveled the dirt out????
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    I'm having trouble removing this set screw (see images). It has been caked and baked in grease repeatedly.

    What peter said- use a punch that will go into the socket- back up the other side with a heavy steel block so you don't damage the motor shaft and pound the punch as hard as possible to compress the shaft material and get the load off of the end of the set screw- grind your hex key ends to get...
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    Reduce Height of a MV Junior

    Well- only other way is to tip the machine on its back and since the head sticks forward of the column, tipping it will make it taller even more. If there is a bunch of 2 x4 framing across the opening, I'm thinking that the structural member is above all that framing- ya might want to reread...
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    .008" Slitting Saw-Student needs help!

    I've made hundreds of very similar tiny channel heat exchangers for scientific instruments in a previous job/life. These were .008" wide channels, .030 deep and 6" long in 6061, so it is very doable. 1st off, call Robjack and buy some quality carbide saws- HSS will just drive you crazy...
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    Axis compensation Mori iseki vg45

    You need to tell us what control is on your machine- no one can help you without this info.
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    Government Machinery Storage

    There was a 2nd machine tool repository near Stockton Ca on Rough and Ready Island in the Sacramento River Delta. It was quite the place- acres and acres of buildings full of rebuilt and mothballed machine tools of every description. There was a machine tool rebuilding facility at the same...
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    Reduce Height of a MV Junior

    The highest point on an MVJR is the top of the column when the head is down. Nothing protrudes above the top of the column or the control cabinet when the head is all the way down. There is a sheetmetal housing that encloses the back side of the head when it is at the home position. That...