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  1. Hightemp

    Blast cabinet upgrades

    All of our pressure blasters use a foot pedal to control. One thing to keep in mind is that you can't usually switch on and off in fast succession. When you step off of the pedal, the pressure pot vents and the plunger separating the pot from the hopper opens to re-fill the pot. They work...
  2. Hightemp

    Sinterit NILS 480 Anybody got one?

    I can't imagine spending nearly 6 figures and not being able to print metal.
  3. Hightemp

    Overlapping bistable domes to control and shape high strength steel ? (sheetmetal)

    Well, now that you show up, seeming reasonable, and not taking my comments too personally, I feel like a dick. So, thanks a lot!
  4. Hightemp

    Uses for "waste" silicon carbide powder

    I blast with it. It's only a few $ per pound. Is your stuff black or green?
  5. Hightemp

    OT: It's about die cast metal cars made in China.

  6. Hightemp

    Thermocouple drilling/extraction

    Anyway you could take advantage of resistive heating? Maybe the probe is in electrical contact (with some corrosion and other crap) with the well. Hook up a welder and see if you can get that contact point to get hot enough to loosen things up? Or, it melts a hole in the well and, well, sorry...
  7. Hightemp

    Overlapping bistable domes to control and shape high strength steel ? (sheetmetal)

    Nothing like youtube videos published in 2022 which look like they were made in 1981 to make one think crackpot! The sensor application seems especially insane. How would an array of yes/no switches be better than traditional strain gauges? But yeah, I'd like to have a piece on my desk to...
  8. Hightemp

    Best engineering screw ups

    I have a 2012. Haven't had many issues at 195k, but the few things I've done have been pretty maintenance-friendly. Maybe they actually improved over the years. One minor exception was the VVT solenoids. They are cheap and stick right through the intake manifold for the wires to hook up...
  9. Hightemp

    OT storms and power outages

    Moved here in 2012. Had at least one multi-day outage every year. Used big gas portable generators (we are all electric with a well). Big PITA. In 2020 I finally bought and installed a nice 17kw low-hour Kohler hardwired propane unit. We haven't lost power for more than a couple of hours...
  10. Hightemp

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    Here's the conclusion paragraph of the post you liked: "In the end I think a good portion of the problem is the government has incentivized NOT going to work. I could be wrong here, but that's my sense." And then there were multiple excellent posts giving firs-hand perspectives on the...
  11. Hightemp

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    The fact that the OP liked posts complaining about govt benefits for the unemployed and none of the posts expressing points about the completely different dynamics facing young workers today tells me quite a bit about why he's having difficulty hiring.
  12. Hightemp

    OT: For Marcus stainless implant that bone grows into

    One more hip implant failure mode relevant to this forum: Sulzer had like 17,000 implants which were contaminated with cutting fluid implanted in people. Wasn't great.
  13. Hightemp

    OT: Any advice on shipping a car across the country?

    I had my new trucklet shipped from IA in october. I used uship to get quotes and ended up with https://tempuslogix.com/ and they were easy to deal with.
  14. Hightemp

    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    our house is 100% electric (including heat) and on a well. We lost power for multiple days at least once a year for the first 8 years we lived here. I ran a series of cheap 8-10kw gas generators (put a valve stem through the head on the first one after about 200 hours). Then in Jan 2020 I...
  15. Hightemp

    OT, auto sites like barn find, bring a trailer, or ebay for classic cars. Experiences?

    Just sold a car on FB/Craigslist. Told my wife I'm only going to buy new and drive into the ground from now on. What a worthless bunch of people contacted me... I sold a car on ebay back in the day. Got more than I was hoping, guy handed me cash, I handed him the title and keys. 5 minute...
  16. Hightemp

    Any known good part suppliers for direct energized deposition printing?

    Here's one place: https://www.harlowgroup.co.uk/fastech They have a facility in Virginia
  17. Hightemp

    OT -need information about Chromebooks

    My wife has a chromebook that is like 6 years old. It was pretty cheap, but it still works perfectly well and hasn't seemed to slow down over the years like windows machines always seem to do. Google docs/sheets/etc have pretty good compatibility with office.
  18. Hightemp

    O.T. ~ "CVT"s ~ Continually variable (automobile) transmissions

    I ordered in sept 2021 and finally got it last month. Shipped it here from Iowa (took advantage of a 3% under invoice deal). I've already towed slightly over the limit (a couple round hay bales were about 750 lbs each; bit more than expected) and it had plenty of power. Averaging 42 mpg so...
  19. Hightemp

    O.T. ~ "CVT"s ~ Continually variable (automobile) transmissions

    Yep. These are completely different from the other type of CVT. I just got one in my new maverick (Under $21k out the door for a 42mpg small pickup still seems too good to be true) and I hope it is as reliable as they have seemed to be so far. For cars, my maverick is replacing a 2012 ford...