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    February is the month to fix hammers

    This one has a high art of poetry. Maybe my favorite one, about ticks in the north woods.
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    February is the month to fix hammers

    Let us all be grateful to Arnold Kegel.
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    February is the month to fix hammers

    A former member here, "superunknown" went on to youtube fame for his shop wit. I understand that February is the best month to fix loose hammer handles, since it is typically the driest month. If you fixed a hammer handle say in August, it might dry out and loosen next winter. Also, you can...
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    Rivett 608

    I wonder how he is doing, and does he still have that Enormous postage stamp?
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    400,000 Screws a day..."One man operation"?

    Anybody remember Dobie Dave, from Texas? Who else here has a similar setup?
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    Don't pick it up until you Know Where to set it down.
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    The GF bought too much candy for Halloween. I suggested she get an old white van, and write "Free Candy" on the side. Don't know why she hit me.
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    WHO is this Thermite guy?
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    Create Tool (in Wuhan) non-responsive

    Well, 81 million "paranoiac invalids unable to observe and think for themselves" can't be wrong? Can they?
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    Tooling or Projectile?

    These guys might know. US civil war cannon, United States cannon for sale, Wisconsin carts carriages, Paulson Brothers Ordnance Corporation
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    WTB Rockwell Milling Machine motor

    Worth a try: A & D Machine Tool Rebuilding, Inc. | Machine Tool Rebuilders, Way Machining and Hand Scraping, Turcite and Rulon Application
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    I don't want to type this for the BAD Karma/JuJu for doing this... My brother moved to MT. Talking to a rancher he had Thousands of rats all over the sheds. Had NO way to get rid of them. Brother bets him$200.00 he can kill them ALL in a week. One week later, no more rats.... Collects $200.00...
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    OT- List of Industrial Sprocket Manufacturers

    Since this thred suggests listing of suppliers, Not roller chain parts, but a possible source for timing belt parts. polybelt.com Timing Belts Pulleys Polytech Design Inc Clifton NJ 07011
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    OT. Chevrolet repair at a Chevy "service" department

    F250 powerstroke. New in 1997. First trip to a shop for Anything was 2001. just died suddenly. Tachometer suddenly goes to zero, motor idles down. NOW, I know this is the cam sensor. Computer sees no signal, tops injecting fuel. Common problem for the Power Stroke. Was a factory recall on the...
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    Making a gear with a slitting saw on a manual mill.

    How did you Quote INGENUITY and it shows CLEVERNESS ? A glitch in the Matrix ?
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    What is the oddest thing someone has said during an interview or prior to the intervi

    There was a Scot who moved to Denmark that used to hang out here.
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    Milling 954 bronze

    My experience most likely does not count, and should be ignored. It sort of contradicts others experience. Had a part about .4" cube, Two tapped holes, one 6mm reamed hole. I did NOT know any better, and jumped right in. I was doing almost nothing but aluminum, so I had lots of Zircon coated...
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    Atlas TH42 Gears

    Those gears look like outboard motor gears. Same setup, function (fwd/rev) and dog clutches. Just a thought..
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    Teach me about rule dies

    Way overthinking it. Duct tape some material to a piece of 1/2' foam insulation (for support), take to water jet shop. Had similar parts made this way, very cheap, no setup, took a few minutes. Otherwise even 6061 will make a punch and die set for that few parts. Done that for small...
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    Kind of OT: Getting stray cat out of building

    So, What happened to the cat in the end?