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  1. hesstool

    Installing our SNK RB-3N Bridge Mill

    Very nice! What are you going to run on that machine?
  2. hesstool

    Haas TL1 + Too high of rpm = Code Brown

    Wow! Up close and personal.
  3. hesstool

    Cutting small indexing feature

    It is a constant profile from top to bottom, however the width increases as it grows radially. I guess it is, or is similar to, a Hirth coupling as Nick Mueller suggested. Right now I'm leaning toward making a die and forming it. I'm a bit concerned about deformation, though, as the part is...
  4. hesstool

    Cutting small indexing feature

    That was one of my first thoughts, but it has a trapazoidal profile at the root.
  5. hesstool

    Cutting small indexing feature

    I need to cut a small face gear type feature that will be used for indexing medical implants and I'm struggling to think up an easy method. The part I'm working on is similar to the attached photo and has an ID of .290" and OD of .520". The width of the tooth root is .006" at the ID and .005"...
  6. hesstool

    Pricing your CNC work vs. Manual shop work?

    When I started my business, I billed 15% more for CNC work than manual. But after my accountant found out, he made it perfectly clear the rates should be the same for both, based on the type of work I did. I raised my manual rates... :D
  7. hesstool

    Excessive noise only in x axis

    It's been about 18 months or so when the spindle bearings died on my XV 710 and chatter clearly became a problem before I had it rebuilt. However, the only noise was from the spindle and not from any of the axes. So it doesn't make any noise while running the X and Y together? And is this a...
  8. hesstool

    OT: iPhone 5 CASE Project

    Easier said than done as there is not much room to work with. I had a customer approach me two years ago wanting a "sexy" case made from Titanium for the iPhone4. After telling him how it was going to be stupid expensive he said money wasn't an issue and we agreed to continue the project with...
  9. hesstool

    How My Home Shop All Began.......

    I think it's about time to start a sequel, Russ. :D
  10. hesstool

    Insert drill wich one to get?

    You can't go wrong with the Sandvik 880. I use it in every material imaginable, from aluminum to superalloys. In your example, I would use my 15/16" drill to punch the hole and then rough bore. Finish it off with a boring bar. Do you have Sandvik representation or does your rep just not visit?
  11. hesstool

    Most distateful separation from employment

    I can only guess which shop you're talking about, but there aren't too many Father/Son shops here in the Tri-Cities... And if you weren't born here, it's an acquired taste for sure. I wish you luck at your new job.
  12. hesstool

    How are things going?

    How are things going?
  13. hesstool

    Mastercam arc toolpath problems

    Helps?! That was the Golden Ticket!! A million thanks! :cheers:
  14. hesstool

    Mastercam arc toolpath problems

    And I think that's one of my issues. The same code will run just fine on a Haas, but will not work on our Cincinnati. Anytime the machine encounters an arc it alarms out giving a warning about arc endpoints being out of tolerance. One other thing. I can post this program to the Cincinnati...
  15. hesstool

    Mastercam arc toolpath problems

    I'm sure there is an easy fix to this, but for the life of me I can't find it. I've been using OneCNC for years but I am now using MC X5. When calculating an arc for the toolpath, MC seems to take the radius and move it to the opposite side of the toolpath start point. I first thought it was a...
  16. hesstool

    FS: Volstro Rotary Milling Head

    So, lots of good information here, but no takers? :( I'm closing down my shop and need to clear some of these misc. items out.
  17. hesstool

    FS: Volstro Rotary Milling Head

    Hahaha, sorry! I probably scared off any potential buyers with that misprint...:rolleyes5: It fits a standard 3 3/8" quill and has the R8 driver.
  18. hesstool

    FS: Volstro Rotary Milling Head

    Not super positive on that Steve. Dimensionally, it's practically identical to the ER-25's I use on my CNC's. The only difference is the retaining groove. The collets with the Volstro don't have them. The collet on the right is the style that comes with the Volstro:
  19. hesstool

    FS: Volstro Rotary Milling Head

    Collets are E-25. There are two each, 3/16" and 3/8". The belt is missing.