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    First time on a Tig torch.....

    Self taught here so take my comments accordingly :) Mostly weld repair alluminium castings these days so foot pedal is essential, still makes life much easier when doing one off jobs on various thickness of steels & saves a lot of time reaching over to the welding set to adjust controls. I...
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    OT? Ten Year Anniversary

    Blimey !! I beat you to it by a couple of months it seems.....the vast difference in our posts count indicates the wealth of knowledge & experience that you possess compared to my own. I am sure I speak for all the members in thanking you for your willingness to share your knowledge & long may...
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    Aluminator - New LED Ring Light Design for Bridgeport Mills For Sale Now

    I like the look of the product 1/ It looks very nicely made & robust which I appreciate & recognise the cost implications of quality. 2/ Thinking about how I would use it on my Bridgeport. I doubt that I would leave it on the quill but rather park it on a convenient peg or somesuch near the...
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    anyone still use a vernier caliper?

    Only possible advantage I can think of is less bulky & almost nothing to go wrong with them. I share your eyesight problems, have several very nice vernier calipers sat in a drawer which should be labelled "guessing sticks" ;) regards Brian
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    New USA edge finder...aluminum...and won't hold consistently in collet?

    I have an L.E.D edge finder from Toolmex, quite substantial 20mm dia steel shank with 10mm tip. From new it would rarely repeat within 0.05mm despite best effort, once it had been accidentaly bumped a few times it became a time wasting frustration. Soon realised that the old ground pin & cig...
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    OT - Combustion Pressure in Modern Gas Engine?

    There is a current in line 4 Kawasaki engine with rolling element crankshaft bearings ? :confused: .........surely not since the 1980's Z1100 engines. regards Brian
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    re: Rivett's iPad woes (OT?)

    Thanks Atomkinder for suggestions in the previously locked topic.....not had time to follow up though things seem to have mysteriously improved since yesterday. The hot links (all for cars from Ad choices) still appear but only when not logged in to PM, they no longer show when logged in &...
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    Has the PM been hacked or is it my IPad?

    I too have been getting the hot links you show, though when the mouse cursor is hovered over them I get a pop up for the Citroen C4 from "Ad Choices" who may well be one of PM's paying advertisers :rolleyes5:......this started within the past couple of weeks. Perhaps more concerning is that when...
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    Manufacturing in Britain

    Try Hyde Park's speaker's corner for your audience, if indeed you are actually British :skep: Your blathering in post #184 has frig all to do with what this forum is about.......and you clearly knew that before launching your trojan horse ! :nutter: Kindly piss off
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    Aluminum "the word"

    Coronation street as I remember is supposed to be in Salford a once industrial area of South Manchester, the accent developed by the actors is not quite as I remember it when growing up a few miles south of Salford. Working class Mancunian (commonly referred to as "mancs" these days) accents...
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    Name for a bolt threaded full length

    In the UK Hex set screw = hex head fully threaded Hex bolt = hex head with unthreaded portion An M12 washer head set screw (where the washer is formed integral with the hexagon) would suit your purpose though I only remember purchasing washer head bolts. regards Brian
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    Manufacturing in Britain

    Astute observations succinctly laid out.....could not have put it better myself.....well said Oldwrench. regards Brian
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    The Passing Of Mark McGrath

    His knowledge & experience will be much missed on this forum, & I am sure much more will be missed by those who had met & knew the bloke.... Brian
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    Thoughts on using ER40 collets in older MT4 Deckel spindle ???

    Yes the Deckel drawbar is self ejecting but there is only so much torque you can put on a 13mm square shaft & the damage to ones knuckles when it does let go is usually unpleasant. In my experience if the Deckel drawbar has been overtightened, or heavy milling has been done and / or the spindle...
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    Thoughts on using ER40 collets in older MT4 Deckel spindle ???

    Alan Something to be wary of if new to Morse taper spindle tooling is that it is a self locking system so does not "require" the draw bar for retention in the spindle. If your spindle taper & tooling are in good condition only the lightest of pinch on the drawbar is required, more or less just...
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    Thoughts on using ER40 collets in older MT4 Deckel spindle ???

    Ross is correct Alan......that was possibly the first time I had cut a none V form or unequal angle thread, had ground up a HSS tool & was completely focussed on thread dimension / finish etc....which came out perfect & only noticed that I had the buttress thread arse backwards in relation to...
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    Thoughts on using ER40 collets in older MT4 Deckel spindle ???

    I have made quite a few adapters, here was my first attempt which I was just about to part off........when I noticed something :o regards Brian PS/ use an ER32 in MT4 spindle which does nick a lot of table space in the horizontal but much easier to release the tool than direct MT4 or SOE in...
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    Patch material for aluminium casting repair suggestions

    Again, thank you for your detailed reply & sound suggestions. The case can not be worked on whilst bolted to the upper but am machining up a 1" thick support plate to which the casing bolts will be torqued, I find this method very good for minimizing distortion in large casting repairs & the...
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    Patch material for aluminium casting repair suggestions

    Thanks for your detailed reply, most of which are similar to techniques I use though I will say that I have never thought to use pulse for the purpose you describe :scratchchin: makes very good sense & I will do some experimenting. TIG set is a Kemppi Mastertig 2500 with all bells & whistles so...
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    Patch material for aluminium casting repair suggestions

    Tim....looks to me like someone went in with bugger all pre-heat, prep or aforethought. Looks like mag filler rod blasted on with way too many amps. All my repair work is done with TIG. Heavy....just got to hope I can prove you wrong regarding "no chance for a succesful weld repair" ;)...