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  1. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    DVW wrote. "That's just wrong." Actually I matched the colors up pretty close. Had to have the dark teal green mixed. Kinda expensive. I really like that color and may be looking for something els that I can paint with it. Thank you. James
  2. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    Hi Jim, Thank you for the pics I will study them after I finish cooking. I seen one of these sharpening machines on youtube that is still in use and I can Imagen that it is still very busy as reel mowers are used to mow gulf courses all the time. I had another reel mower a few years ago but my...
  3. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    Ok, I soaked the stuck wheel in vinegar four days and had to clamp the shaft i a vice while applying heat from a propane torch while squirting PB blaster to get the wheel freed from the shaft. I have painted the wheels and the gear housing and I am taking pictures as I go along. I will post...
  4. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    Riderusty wrote. "I still have my father's "Great American" reel mower form the 1930's, cast iron with heavy steel blades" Pictures please:D Greg White. "do some golf courses still use reel mowers? my B. inlaw is retired from one, he talkks of grinding machines for them. Gw " While...
  5. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    SouthBendModel34 wrote. "Seeing your mower project and the replacement stenciled wooden shaft brought it all back" Actually the finish and stencil are original. I came out of an attic apparently it had been there for a long time and the heat had blistered and turned the shellac almost black. I...
  6. james robert

    OT Leon Red bone and Lawn mower soup

    I inherited an antique reel push mower. One wheel was stuck so I whipped out the old trusty Electrolytic derustification vat that has been setting empty for a couple of years. After rewiring with heavy copper wire and fresh water washing powder and whatever I have a 35 gallon vat of lawn mower...
  7. james robert

    What should the haulers' group do?

    My vote is in Archie.. :)
  8. james robert

    The haulers' group official truck thread . . .

    Welder691, I had to sell my old truck if it is the one your talking about. As far as the tractor engine I don't know if anyone on this forum has done it but I still hold out hope that some day I will find a good deal on a salvaged Perkins four cylinder engine that I could put in a salvaged F-250...
  9. james robert

    The future of the haulers' group . . .

    I think that the present economy has a lot to do with interest in the haulers group, The price of gas, people having a hard time making ends meet are making decisions based on what they need and not so much on what they want. If things get better the haulers group will come back to life IMHO...
  10. james robert

    Nichols Handwheel - how does the dial lock ?

    OK Dave, I haven't been here in a while and I cant remember if your name is Dave but I would think that Greg would have chimed in by now with some kind of reply. I think that the last posts that you made where after the forum had changed and now I see that you have posted after the forum has...
  11. james robert

    Scrap thieves again.

    Zonko, Good question I am not an operator and I don't mess around with any of the controls so there may be a switch. Even so I would think that they would just pull the pole. I guess it is possible that they might not know anything about trolleys and get electrocuted. IMHO leaving the pole...
  12. james robert

    Scrap thieves again.

    Joe wrote. ''Just leave the overhead trolley wires energized and the trolley poles up.'' I had to think about that for a while and came to the conclusion that if the pole was up the compressor would run all night and it would warn any would be thief's that it was still energized. Thank...
  13. james robert

    Scrap thieves again.

    The monetary amount that was taken was said to be in the tens of thousands. the brass and copper parts that the thieves took will most likely cost more to replace as what they took is hard to find and will have to be scrounged from the surplus stock from other museums or duplicated. Not to...
  14. james robert

    Why are Antique machinist tools so rare and so few collectors?

    No machinist tools yet but I have found a few nice wood working tools, I keep an eye out for an old house that is being torn down or gutted for re modeling and get permission to look through it I'm usually looking for architectural stuff, antique hardware,plumbing or electrical fitting and...
  15. james robert

    Free or will be Scrapped - Monarch Metal Lathe 1916

    Will somebody get this lathe before it becomes a chinese toyota or something.:eek: Thank you. James
  16. james robert

    Hendey factory in 1889 and 1896

    Hi Robert, It looks like Hendy grew a lot in eight years. In the first drawing I count around 20 private dwellings near the plant and in the 1896 drawing maybe a couple. Its fun to just scroll back and forth and compair. Thank you. James
  17. james robert

    Fast and Furious is really heating up...

    "The Tree of Liberty should be watered with the Blood of Patriots every 20 years or so...." DocAV, I have herd this quote allot recently and had to google it. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants" I prefer it with just tyrants...
  18. james robert

    Wood File Handle Making VIdeo

    Denis, keep a lookout for discarded furniture spindles and brass end caps from old fuses, Fit the end cap tightly to the nice turned end and center drill for the size of file shank your going to use and drive it to the file. The brass end cap will keep the wood from splitting and looks great. I...
  19. james robert

    what should I do.

    Akajun wrote. "Unless you just have to have a l1a1 I would opt for a metric kit. Mags are cheaper and easier to find." I have kinda came to the same conclusion but just for fun I thought that I would toss it out here and see what comes up. Who knows one of these long time gun smiths might...
  20. james robert

    what should I do.

    AeroE, I have spent some time on the Fal Files but am not a member. If memory serves me right that is where I found the ad for the Aussie wankers barrels. Thank you. James