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    tough transparent tape for protecting labels

    Here's some commercial specific-purpose label laminate: https://www.seton.com/chemical-resistant-overlaminate-for-labels-js274.html
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    Bridgeport knee wear

    Cdavid, as others have noted, you got a screaming deal at $250. That machine would likely be usable in any shop making parts for customers, or for internal tooling support, or whatever, with a few updates to cover the advancements in technology since that machine was built. My personal favorite...
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    Precision turntable

    FYI, the Talyrond systems are air-bearing spindles; they will have the accuracy you are looking for with a lot to spare, assuming a given unit is not totally clapped out as a used machine. A used air bearing rotary table will likely work if you can get one from a reputable source and you are...
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    Comes down to accurately boring a long hole with a Criterion DBL-202B on a manual machine.

    Hard to imagine that any boring head would have a problem boring a hole to size in UHMW. More important I think to have your spindle trammed very well and a proper cutting edge on the boring bar, whether insert or HSS ground tool bit. The part clamping will also come into play, as in don't clamp...
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    Is there a master gauge block?

    In many respects, for getting a generally true representation of gage R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) across a valid statistical population, quantity (5) of a given instrument/tool/system seems to be the "right" minimum number. I'm not certain of the origin of the analysis, but that...
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    Lathe lubricants?

    Something to consider is use of soft-jaws on a 3-jaw chuck (or a 6-jaw that is missing 3 jaws). I use them frequently in a 3-jaw 8" chuck. You can often get almost full coverage of the circumference of a part that is in the 1.5-2" diameter range if you take care in planning your machining of the...
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    Lathe lubricants?

    I think the op likely has 2-pc jaws in the chuck, and both top and bottom("scroll part") parts are gone (?) I can't imagine that the chuck wouldn't be usable in its current state.
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    Is SPI Any Good??

    Yes, that's what I recall as well. When I saw some SPI tools back in the late 70's-early 80's, I know Tesa was one of their brands, and they had a wide range of stuff available, at least as their catalog indicated. I had the impression at the time that they were simply another high-quality tool...
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    Soft Jaws to hold cylinder

    In doing this with either a 3/6-jaw chuck or a milling vise, I would use soft jaws, and bore the cylinder's holding diameter into the soft jaws while jaws are preloaded. From a geometric perfection standpoint, the contact points may be few in number, until you put a little squeeze on the part...
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    OEM Repair/Inspection Service, equipment destroyed. Who is responsible?

    Stuff like this really makes my blood boil. As a general note, typical commercial freight shipment default terms are usually set up such that title to goods being shipped transfers to buyer upon the freight company taking possession, in the absence of other superseding agreements or...
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    Buying metal in the Boston, Mass, area for small shop

    Here is a link about which I know nothing, but your question made me curious. I lived in Boston from 1975-1990, and was mostly involved with plastics machining and fabrication, so not much need for metals sources. https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/location/boston-north/ There is another place...
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    Help me tool up this turret lathe.

    Nice-looking machine. Turret lathes, and their impoverished weak cousins, lathes with bed turrets as an accessory, can be highly productive for those so motivated. My Clausing 5914 has done a fair amount of small-part production, at widely varying rates of profit....Very dependent on tooling...
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    Mitutoyo Series 110 Differential Screw Micrometer Head

    These units are extremely useful for high-accuracy high-resolution motions in optical instruments. The differential mechanism is indeed a dicey little situation if you need to "do anything" with it. Nice presentation.
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    Delrin specific drill bits

    Yes, that is a nice explanation of method. I do usually make more of a flat for plastic work, but I generally do it using the side face of the bench grinder wheel (Don't tell anyone;-) It is more efficient time-wise, and doesn't cause any issues with the grinder when performed by an expert....
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    Delrin specific drill bits

    Drills for plastic are "typically" ground at the tip with what is essentially a chisel edge, so that the drill's cutting lip is scraping the material rather than scooping (and often self-feeding) through the stock. If the work is hand-held, this is almost a mandatory treatment for anything over...
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    Flatness_Parallelism and Size All A Once Against Datum - Am I thinking this right?

    Your scheme for measuring is about right, based on the tolerancing shown. The datum is "assumed" to be an ideal plane, although the (3) highest points will be the determining factor when engaging the datum to some reference surface. Measuring the characteristics required in a "backward" setup as...
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    Disturbing message when logging on.

    FYI, I added an exception to AVG and the issue I saw has disappeared. It took a little while, I assume to "eat the cookies", but the site seems to behave normally now.
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    Criterion Boring Bars - smallish - carbide head

    I would take a 5-pc group. Looks like all 1/2" shank(?).
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    Disturbing message when logging on.

    I'm also seeing a "threat secured" message for every screen change; using W7/Firefox/AVG.
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    Surface Plate Stutter

    Starrett surface plate cleaner works nicely to give a thorough cleaning when used as directed. This can help a lot.