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    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    All the oilers have been found. 1/5 of the price of new. Thank you friends, JB
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    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    OK, the 1/4 npt fittings have been secured. Still in need of the 3/8 npt fittings. JB
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    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    I figured Ebay to be my next stop. JB
  4. J

    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    Hey Rob, I get they are "available" new! Last I checked it would be 500 for new ones. The pump is about 100 years old, so old and beat up oilers would be best! JB
  5. J

    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    Yeah, the prices on everything has gotten crazy. I got a Hardie Mogul triplex sprayer pump in for a restoration. I have maybe 25 small ones, I hope someone has a few they aren't in love with! I'll post a picture of the pump tomorrow just for fun. JB
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    WTB Gits or gits type oil cups.

    I need 3 each 1/4 npt and 4 each 3/8 npt. Only straight ones will work. Prefer the internal wick type. I have a bunch of 1/8 npt in straight and 90 degree if you want to trade. Dig around, what do you want to get rid of? Thanks, JB
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    WTB 11" Moore Rotary Table

    jccaclimber, did my email make it to you? JB
  8. J

    WTB 11" Moore Rotary Table

    I have an 11 inch Moore. I am in north Mississippi, Shipping would prove interesting. Very nice condition with factory box. 750.00. Will get you pictures if interested. JB
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    OT - Do you know a FOUNDRY that pours single wood pattern Pours?

    I'm sure you know about Cat Tail foundry. Pennsylvania is a little too far. JB
  10. J

    For sale Small Defiance Horizontal Boring Mill. Old and tired.

    Slowly closing down my shop. 25A Defiance boring mill. I live in north Mississippi and it is around 14k to start with. #5 MT spindle 3.5 inch. Table is 24 x 48. All speeds and feeds work. It is old and tired the longitudinal screw looks like a 60 degree thread. I made a lot of money with it over...
  11. J

    FS Travel Dial

    If you want a beat up one for spare parts, PM me. Free, you pay shipping. JB
  12. J

    WTB: Deckel FP2 Horizontal overarm support

    I have one off a FPNC2. Swivel away vertical head. JB
  13. J

    Bridgeport Model R Head

    Yes, you are correct, my old brain was confused. JB
  14. J

    Bridgeport Model R Head

    I believe they were used on the Hardinge TMUM mills. JB
  15. J

    Moore tool holder modification

    Years ago.....Install your tool holder in the quill. Locate and mount a boring bar on the table or in the vise. Bore your holder on the machine. Power downfeed to stop, move tool in X a coupe .001's until its the size you need. Years ago.............. JB
  16. J

    Wanted - 10" id Tubing

    Shop cleaning today. I found what you need! PM sent JB
  17. J

    Biax scraper and Borel power flaker FS

    Sold pending payment and pick up. JB