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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    Is the thickness that we are seeing on the wear surfaces close to original or the result of many years of service and refinishing?
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    Not sure if that will work. Brake drums for modern cars have a steel center and iron wear surface.
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    When one shrinks an iron hoop onto the steel drum, presto, iron friction surface. I hope he's not going to need enough braking to expand the hoop.
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    This is getting too difficult. If the hand/parking brake is on the ID then it likely is OK. I'm having a hard time rationalizing a lot of wear there. Check the ID and if it will be OK then you can shrink a new wear surface on the OD. You don't have to clean up the OD surface, just get a surface...
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    Is #0-80 form tapping titanium impossible?

    I would nix the carbide drill and go with a new, high quality HSS drill. Use the oil per crossthread82. Put an MO before the tapping, blow the hole clean and inject the oil with a syringe.
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    I'm having trouble removing this set screw (see images). It has been caked and baked in grease repeatedly.

    Heat the aluminum, not the screw. The aluminum will expand and grow away from the screw. On reassembly antiseize is your friend. If this a cooking oven there are food grade antiseizes.
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    Fageol Bus

    And the "Legendary Mack integrated powertrain" is warmed over Volvo engines and commercial gearboxes and final drives, mostly automatic.
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    Machine Shop Aesthetics

    Most of the good stuff has been mentioned. But, I would shit can the LED lights. I work in places that have them and they suck. The light is harsh. 8-10 hours of that crap is brutal. Look at a sign that has had one close to it. The sign will look burned up due to what must be infra red...
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    Remove stuck bolts

    Soak with Kroil overnight. Use an impact, little battery driver will do and heat the aluminum, not the screw. It expands faster. That should do it. Then run a tap in the hole and use antiseize and carbon steel. not stainless.
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    I'm a Stud

    I think you got lucky. When going back together remember that antiseize is your friend even if it does want to get all over you.
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    I'm a Stud

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    I'm a Stud

    That stud, or whats left of it is electrolyticaly bonded to the aluminum. Do the alum. All the mechanical methods are going to break it off and likely fuck up the case.
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    I'm a Stud

    Do the alum thing. No damage to the case. Takes a little time.
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    tangential tool holder

    No. To be tangent a line, which is defined by 2 points must share 1 point with an arc or circle and not cross that arc. A line has no width so you would have an infinite number of cutting edges that would have no depth of cut.
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    tangential tool holder

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    tangential tool holder

    No. "Tangent" describes a geometric condition where a line and an arc have one point in common, as line AB is tangent to arc C. It is misused calling a line "a tangent". Line AB is not tangent without the specification of the arc. Misuse does not make it correct regardless of how frequent.
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    tangential tool holder

    I'm still wondering, what's the difference between "tangent" and "tangential"?
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    Has anyone tried "Piece Work" to pay employees?

    What up when he finds out that you fucked him be cause the minimum wage is $7.25 and you fucked him out of a buck? Good prep for life in the real world , I guess. Or he files a suit.
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    Should a hydraulic cylinder be honed and cross-hatched?

    The cast iron rings demand a cylindrical hole. the dingleberry hone cannot do that.
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    The Water putty and other brands are expansive and little working time. For your application I would rub the powder into the porous area and spray with water ( a spray bottle wwould be perfect. It will set up FAST.