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    Bridgeport Series 1: Metric Feed Nuts

    I replaced my METRIC series II up down with a new leadsrew and nut and dial if you have metric leadscrew your dials would also be in metric ! my cross feeds i just set the readouts to Eng. I do have the metric Up down screw /nut / and dial in really good shape if anyone is interested .
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    K&T 2H Plain Horizontal Mill

    Heres pic of the War Finish cast in
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    K&T 2H Plain Horizontal Mill

    I just picked up a Milwaukee 2H plain hor. Or Kearney & Tecker ser# 9-4381 With War Finish and some order # cast in the main frame of the mill ! I think she a 1942 trying to get the cast in bottom coolant tray cleaned out. Alot of chips and slim coming out any suggestion ! I need to replace...
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    Kearney and Trecker Model (2)H new to me

    K & t model h mill Andy i just picked up a Model h mill would u be able to send a manual thanks Harold
  5. more toys

    more toys

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    Wanted Cincinnati Toolmaster series 1 tablefeed gearbox parts

    Wanted Does anybody have any Toolmaster powerfeed gears. Just bought a 1-C with the table powerfeed unit . Most of the gears have problems ! If not, does anybody need these gears ? I may have to make them if i do, the setup is the biggest thing should i make 2 / 3 of each ?
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    Cincinnati Toolmaster age and slotter question

    I to have a Tool master 1C with a slotter like this on the back side
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    What is your "little" lathe?

    My little lathe is 1976 Monarch EE
  9. monarch ee

    monarch ee

  10. Surface Grinder 618. Reid

    Surface Grinder 618. Reid

  11. Mill Bridgeport serII

    Mill Bridgeport serII

  12. Drill press Bigford

    Drill press Bigford

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    Harig Spindle and motor

    I ended up with a Harig spindle and motor i do not need. I did hook it up, and runs and sounds smooth. it came off a 618 Harig surface grinder . Its a 1 hp 3 phase motor and spindle $ 500 or make offer . I was told the machine was tipped over and cracked the upper casting he was parting it out.
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    Harig Spindle and motor

    I have a Harig Spindle and motor for sale ,hooked it up and runs smooth 1 hp 3 phase came out of a 618 was told its fine. $ 500
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    1953 Monarch

    You have to move the lever that is on the right hand side down then turn the knob to the desired feed or thread then put the first one back up looks like a smaller version of my 16x54 61
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    Davis#5 Keyseater parts and accessories

    keyseater So what pieces are missing ? i would be interrested
  17. Monarch 61

    Monarch 61

  18. Monarch 61

    Monarch 61

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    Lathe Rockwell 14" x 30"

    I picked up a 14" x 30" rockwell lathe it is in really good shape .One oil site window on the apron is broken and a shifting handle . it has not been used for 2/3 years it came out of a Big Auto. proto type manuf. shop 2/3 hp ver. speed 3 phase . It has hardened ways and has a 6" 3 jaw buick...
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    Monarch 10EE, parting out

    do you still have the tail stock ? and is it the tall one