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  1. Ries

    Edge breaks on plate parts?

    Totally agree. I have a $300 nitto version of this, and its useless on stainless. i do this sort of thing with a 60 grit klingspor flap disc on a 4 1/2” grinder, then touch up the corners with a round file. I find the belts on the little 1” belt sanders snag quickly and are ruined, while a...
  2. Ries

    Making a handrail - angles don't add up - what am I missing geometry-wise?

    the 4" sphere rule is for railings that are protecting you from at least a 30" drop. They apply to any opening in one of those. But as you have said, this is not getting inspected, so just do what you want. I have done literally hundreds of linear feet with the 4" rule, and no opening can allow...
  3. Ries

    Making a handrail - angles don't add up - what am I missing geometry-wise?

    I have built a lot of railings, and I always do a full scale drawing based on field measurement. Long runs, i draw on the floor with soapstone or sharpie, little ones like this i do on paper. Never seen a stair that matched the ideal. Rise ( height of step) can often vary, run can vary, angles...
  4. Ries

    Lil OT: Mounting anvil to wood block.

    My base is made out of 2x4's, they were free. Straps, no holes in anvil. 20 plus years, no issues.
  5. Ries

    KARD Air/Hydraulic Press refurbishment

    These guys may know. https://www.diecastmachinery.com/Kard-Trim-Presses-For-Sale.php
  6. Ries

    What are readers seeing in commercial office occupancy rates?

    while anyone is welcome to personally prefer to live in a rural area (I have been living on a 32 acre farm since 1995) The FACT is that 80% of the US population lives in urban areas. Brooklyn, alone, has 5 times the population of the whole state of Wyoming. NYC in total has more population...
  7. Ries

    What are readers seeing in commercial office occupancy rates?

    I have been paying a bit of attention to this, in Buenos Aires, and in Seattle, and in neither case does it look like Financial Collapse is a likely result. People default on office building loans from time to time, the world doesnt end. A certain percentage of offices can be converted to...
  8. Ries

    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    reaction time from radar acquisition to missile firing on a patriot system is about 9 seconds. Range is 50 miles, depending on type of target. If you are seriously suggesting the russians would launch a full on ICBM attack, no, the patriots probably wouldnt catch many of those, but that would...
  9. Ries

    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Huh? Barstow is right next to the skunk works and edwards afb, you better believe they have a patriot system nearby, and russia dosnt have much left in the way of cruise missiles anymore. They used em all up on ukrainian hospitals and coffee shops, so highly unlikely…
  10. Ries

    ZEH & HAHNEMANN Co. Interesting friction drive press

    thats what blacksmiths would call a powered, or motorized, fly press. I know a several blacksmiths who have one of those. There is a taller, skinnier version that was, I believe, from the automotive industry, used for making smaller sheet metal stampings. I have seen one in Philly and one in...
  11. Ries

    Moving a 400 ton bridge

    My Nissan was a 2WD V6 king cab with an automatic. Never go offroad, no need for 4WD, and it never lived anywhere there was snow. But the rack could easily take 1200lbs of 20' steel, and I once dropped off a load at the galvanizers that they told me weighed 2100lbs. I did install overload...
  12. Ries

    Moving a 400 ton bridge

    Bought em at the old JC Whitney flagship store in downtown Chicago in 89.
  13. Ries

    Moving a 400 ton bridge

    I couldnt afford Mammoet, so I used my Nissan instead.
  14. Ries

    Any suggestions on cutting small and thin parts from 304

    this guy posts here, he mills his blades in his shop https://goughcustom.com/
  15. Ries

    Any suggestions on cutting small and thin parts from 304

    waterjet or laser the blanks, then double disc grind em.
  16. Ries

    Video of a huge anvil and vise collection in a 1569 Italian fortress.

    Those anvils are the classic italian design, extremely common throughout easter europe, italy, and up into germany. Also in Argentina and south america. My Nimba anvil, which i have had for 20 years, is this style, and it was cast at a foundry in Seattle for port townsend based Nimba.
  17. Ries

    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    Funny, he must have the same taste in music as I do- I have been buying a lot of digital albums by Chinese bands- postpunk, surf and spagetti western guitar, electronic remixes of chinese opera, hip hop, riot gurl, and crazy house music. Wouldnt have guessed that Xi liked that kind of stuff...
  18. Ries

    Hossfeld Bender - Home Made Cam Dies?

    Pipe actually works fine for short runs, IF you use it on top, as opposed to in the frame. I have short pieces of a dozen different diameters of pipe, and I use am all the time. Or, if you want to take the time to make a dedicated mandrel die, I build these teardrops up from plasma cut plate (my...
  19. Ries

    Laser level on domestic flights?

    Google it. It means hoping you will be the guy they dont pick. Me, I was born “ randomly selected” so I err on the side of caution. Saves time and money.
  20. Ries

    Begining material inventory dilemma

    When steel was 30 cents a pound, I always ordered xtra. These days, when A36 can be a buck eighty i dont as often. But the only way to build a stockpile is a little at a time. I have material on the rack from projects going back to 1988.